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Gandi likes Non-profit associations

We are talking of course about non-profit associations/organizations that help or run Open-Source projects and/or share our values.

Yes, I know this is vague, but nobody likes to read a long list of criteria; let's say that the criteria we use are somewhat similar to those we use for our Gandi Supports projects.

What do we offer? Very attractive (or better) prices on our hosting solutions. Up to 50% discount on our Simple Hosting offers, and on our dedicated VPS cloud hosting shares. This will give these associations a better presence on the internet, enabling more effective action. That means a better world.

There is no fine print to this offer. None. However you should know that there is far from enough space in our systems to accommodate everyone we would like to. Nevertheless we will take the time to review all applications, but we have to reserve the right to reject an application without sending a letter justifying why we did so.

What we want is to help out as many like-minded projects as we reasonably can, by sharing our expertise and hosting solutions with them.

If you feel that your project meets these criteria, and if you would like to benefit from this opportunity to strengthen your presence on the web, please contact us!