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Gandi helps to found the Internet Infrastructure Coalition

A new organization is forming to fight for a free and open internet. Gandi is proud to be a founding member!

The Internet Infrastructure Coalition ( has been created by more than 40 leading companies in the hosting industry. The mission is to help protect the Internet from improperly formulated regulation, like the SOPA/PIPA and CISPA legislation in the US, and to drive the investment, innovation, and openness that allows the Internet to be an engine for continued growth.

Of course, Gandi is a founding member!

Gandi took a position opposing SOPA and PIPA, and more recently CISPA. Our joining together with other organizations that also opposed this flawed legislation gives Gandi more of a voice in shaping policy, and helps us to achieve our goal of keeping the Internet safe for the free flow of information.

Gandi cares about our customers rights, and we want to see all our customers have a safe, rich, and uncensored online experience. These goals are shared by the I2C, who has made part of it's mission the education of law and policy makers about issues of privacy, freedom of information, security, and innovation. We at Gandi look forward to contributing our perspective to this important, powerful industry group.