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Why choose Simple Hosting for your website?

0) It's not shared hosting

It might feel like shared hosting from a management perspective, but under the hood, Simple Hosting is a completely different platform. Unlike with shared hosting, your neighbor's usage can't degrade the performance of your instance, nor can your getting reddited alter theirs. This is because each instance is isolated from its neighbor. The number and size of your databases, the number of virtual hosts and so on are essentially unlimited; you are only restricted by the power of the pack you choose and the size of your disk (10 GB to 1 TB).
Simple Hosting, driven by the same technology as our VPS cloud hosting platform, comes in the form of a virtual container that is as isolated as it is flexible. Each instance type is made with a specific language and database in mind; it's designed to be sturdy and easy to use in a specific context.

1) Varnish-driven power.

An instance is composed of three primary elements: a webserver, a MySQL server, and a Varnish cache. We get a lot of reactions from people who would scoff at the S pack's limit of two active, simultaneous processes. But here's the thing: the Varnish cache eliminates the need to serve every request with an active process. Indeed, a significant portion of your website's requests are served straight from the cache. The number of active concurrent processes needed will depend on what you're hosting, of course, but most CMS and forum sites are super fast with Varnish behind them.

2) Our cloud can beat up your cloud.

Yes, we know it's a buzzword. All it means is that your instance is not subject to the limitations of a physical machine (which we happen to find quite liberating). In the case of a hardware problem, your instance is automatically moved to another server. It also means more flexibility: you can increase the size of your instance from an S pack to an XL pack for a week, for example, and then switch back down to an S pack if the demand on your content subsides, all without having to worry about migrating your data.

3) It comes with everything we've got.

We've been working on new features for the last few months, chosen based on user feedback. SSH console access and the option to customize PHP.ini are already available, and the ability to host multiple domain names on the same code, snapshots, GIT and SSL support are coming soon. An instance comes with all available features, regardless of pack size or commitment.

4) More instance types are in the works.

As we finalize these major improvements, we'll also soon be able to offer new instance families based on other languages and databases. PHP/PostgreSQL instances should be available soon, as well as node.js instances. We're also working on developing a platform based on the language Gandi itself is coded in, Python.

Still unsure? Try it for yourself! Until 15 December 2012, the promo code PAAS75 will get you a size S pack for one month for $1.25 / 1,00€ (plus VAT if applicable) – that's a 75% discount with no commitment. (One promo per person please.)