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Setting up your domain with Google Apps Has Just Been Made Easier

A few years ago, when Gmail was gaining in popularity as a free email platform, Google started releasing complementary applications to go along with it. Google Apps, as the collection is called, has since become an invaluable resource for millions of business users.

The fact that you can economically use Google for company email and collaboration, including Google Docs, as a paid SaaS (Software as a Service) offering has made it a vital competitor to in-house offerings from Microsoft like MS Exchange and MS Sharepoint.

Previously, if you wanted to use Google Apps with your domain, some specific MX records needed to be added to your DNS zone file. If that doesn't scare you, and your domain is at Gandi, then you can easily do it yourself following instructions here. But starting today, things are changing for the better!

In the same way that Google has made the Internet accessible to millions by making it easy, Gandi and Google have partnered to automate the changes to DNS. Now with this new innovation, you can configure the domain for Google Apps with the touch of an authenticated button. No more editing the zone file, copying and pasting records. Thanks, Google!