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Simple Hosting Turns One Year Old

Simple Hosting offers an easier way to get your web applications deployed and running, hiding a lot of the complexity of self-managed instances, yet giving you the flexibility to load what you want, when you want, on a known, supported, and stable platform. It's perfect for a blog, an e-commerce site, or CMS for a company or association.

Simple_Hosting_Logo What's been done the first year?

Gandi's approach has always been to listen to what it's customers say (you are our product team!) and make it reality as quickly as we can. We listened, and over the course of the year we have added feature after feature. Here's some of what we added:

What's next for Simple Hosting?

Gandi knows that the choices you have in hosting providers are many, and that there are advantages some of our competitors have that you are asking for. We think we have the edge on them in terms of value for the price, but we are still planning on more and more features and instance types over the next year. Really, we are just getting started here, and all of us are very excited to be working on this product. We never cease to be inspired by the sites you, our customers, put up each day. We want to keep enabling your success.

You will see more instance types, support for more configuration options, software versions, and management features. We are also increasing the availability of support with our online chat service. Yes, we are hiring in the USA!

It has been a good year, and like all good things, it's time to celebrate the anniversary. For this weekend, we are offering a promotion in honor of Simple Hosting's birthday. You can get deep discounts on new instances of all sizes until midnight CET Monday, the 21st. If you were thinking of putting up a site on Simple Hosting, now is the time! You can also get a 20% discount on an upgrade, so if you started with an S size and outgrew it, or wanted to add an SSL cert that needs an M size, get one for less this weekend.

Remember that you are also our marketing team. We rely on our customers (and only our customers) for promotion, and we never buy ads. If you like what we have done, or what you have been able to do with Simple Hosting, leave a comment about your site here. Tell your friends on Facebook, Tweet about it, and let everyone know how Gandi made your site fast, easy, and flexible.