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Come to CloudConf 2013!

We can wholeheartedly recommend attending this conference. It's completely without marketing fluff or hype, and so is entirely our style. Plus, Gandi is giving a talk!

CloudConf 2013 is one of this years great tech events (we will tell you about the other one a little later), dedicated to Cloud Computing in Paris. We have enthusiastic and exciting speakers talking about what's really happening in the market. These people know what they are talking about, and they aren't trying to sell you anything: they talk tech, and are masters in their field.
We will have some of the biggest names in the industry, and imagine... we will be there too! Gandi will be represented by Thomas , responsible for our U.S. operations. We have been bust coming up with ideas we want to expose and share, with the aim of helping the whole industry advance.


So if you are a confirmed geek interested in cloud computing, storage methods, issues related to tomorrow's Internet, or any of the many other exciting topics to be presented, and especially if you like big Parisian venues (CloudConf will take place at the French Comedy), we recommend you visit the the official site of the event and book your place soon.
Places are limited, of course, and priced at € 79.00 - but if you book your place in the next 15 days (until March 12) and you enter the code GANDI , you will receive a 15% discount!