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Deeply flawed security law passes the House - your privacy at risk!

As long-time advocates of sensible Internet laws, Gandi is watching the CISPA bill closely as it tracks through the US Congress. Unfortunately, it has just passed the house of representatives. It now heads to the Senate, and a despite a potential veto threat from Obama, there are still big problems. You can help!

We have several concerns with the current form of the proposed law, among them:

  • Warrantless monitoring of customer activity and data by online service providers
  • Provision for service providers to share private customer data with the US Government, again without a warrant
  • Exemptions on the free access to the data the government collects about you in this way (you won't be able to see what they have under the Freedom of Information Act)
  • The ability for the government to be "affirmatively searching" the shared data (that is, going fishing)

  • This is clearly as serious an attack on online privacy as SOPA was, if not worse. While there are some supposed protections in the bill, they are entirely too weak and narrow, and give the Government far too much latitude (at least in our opinion) to go fishing through whatever data gets collected and shared by your service providers. Anytime you see "National Security" as a valid use for private information, you know that your data is in the hands of some serious 3-letter agencies.

    Gandi is not changing our policy: we will follow due process in monitoring and disclosing information about our customers. We will protect you from cyber-criminals as best we can, but we are not going to share your data with the US government, even if CISPA passes, unless due-process channels such as warrants or similar legal requests are used. For now, this sharing under CISPA is still "voluntary", but who knows how long that will last?

    Like with SOPA, we can stop this bad legislation. We urge all of you who are registered to vote in the USA to please, call the President. Tell him to re-affirm his veto threat. Call your senators. Tell them you care about your privacy online, and tell them to vote NO on CISPA, or at the very least to support amendments to fix the provisions that grant the government too much access to your private data online. This bill can be fixed, and it actually has the potential to enhance online security, but we can't allow it to be steamrolled through the Congress without fixing the privacy issues it raises.

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