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The new Gandi cloud is on its way!

We are making huge changes to our Cloud VPS systems. In a few weeks, several features that the market expects and that our customers have been demanding will be available. This will mean big improvements in the flexibility and operation of our IaaS products.

First, for Gandi Cloud VPS servers, payment in advance for resources will vanish. It will be replaced by a single, simple, Gandi credit unit. You will be able to purchase these credits on demand from your Gandi prepaid account, or in packs at a discount proportional to the amount you buy. The more you commit to spend in Gandi credits, the bigger a discount you get.


To enhance flexibility, we are switching from a daily charge period to an "hourly" model, allowing us to charge for use with precise granularity, and to free ourselves from the concept of "shares".

Yes, the famous "share" will disappear, allowing you to resize your servers according to your whim, with the resources you want, when you want. You can kind of do this now, with a rather coarse daily scale, but the new system is much better, allowing you to pay just for what you play.

If you need more CPU, it will no longer be necessary to have CPU resources available in your account: you just add the desired number of processors, and the number of credits consumed per hour changes, and that's all. When you no longer need the extra power, you lower the number of CPUs, and this lowers the hourly consumption and price, and that's all. Really. :)

Another great (and frequently requested) benefit is the synchronization of the renewal dates for resources. All that remains is for you to keep an eye on the number of credits and the estimated time remaining for your use of resources available in your account. No more calculations for available resources!

We have included a cost-saving gradual reduction of price, based on the resources used per server. That means, for example, a single server with 8 CPUs and 8 GB of RAM will consume a little less credit than 8 servers with 1 GB of RAM each. You will see the levels of price reduction when you create your server:


To give you even more flexibility, if you want to stop a configured server and return to it later, just stop it. You will only pay for the static resources it consumes, namely the storage and IP address. When you want to restart the server, click it to wake it up :)

The billing will also be much easier. You will always have access to a clear picture of what you consume, by resource and by server, and the corresponding credit/cash balance.
You also can set alerts, and automatically purchase credit packs.


All these simplifications make use of the API, which is much easier as well!

Bandwidth management is also improving. The current model requires you to buy more shares to access more bandwidth, but soon, when the famous share disappears, you will be able to freely create your network interfaces, giving them limits of 1 to 100Mbps. Throughput will now be charged for, based on consumption per month. We will charge for use that is more than 90% of the maximum our current customers use, so nothing will change for the vast majority of users. For the remaining 10%, the reduction in price/resources on large servers offsets the additional cost for the extra bandwidth. For just a handful of high-bandwidth consumers, the rate will increase, and so will correspond much more precisely to our costs.

What about migration? We will start in May. The first thing we will do is send you an email (soon!) summarizing the resources available in your account, and the equivalent credits you will be given to replace them in the new model. Your servers, of course, will continue to run without any changes to the originally-contracted expiration dates. Unused resources in your account will be automatically removed, and converted to equivalent credits, which you can then use to run the servers you have, or for more resources or servers. Credits awarded in this way also come with a discount, based on the current commitment. Credits will not be refundable. They will be like a server is now with an annual commitment.

We are sure that you have a lot of questions about the details, specific operations, etc., so we have created this little FAQ in our wiki on these new features. If you do not find an answer for your question there, you can leave us a comment here, or email us directly at . Please use email if you have a question that is specific to your account.

We are absolutely sure that this new model will simplify your life, by making your servers more flexible and easier to manage.