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A new ICANN registrar agreement is on the way - What does it mean for Gandi customers?

With the arrival of new gTLD extensions set for late 2013, ICANN has, more or less in agreement with registrars like Gandi, decided to implement a new registrar accreditation agreement. We will be required to sign this new contract to continue registering new domains. This will have ripple effects through the industry for everyone who holds domain registrations, and is therefore subject to ICANN's contracts. The effects will mainly have to do with the validity of customer data in the whois database.
1) Registrars will be required to validate the consistency of customer data.
We already do this in some areas, but now we will be forced to go further, validating contact data for public or private entities around the world (!) This rule will apply to all registrars. It will be enforced for new domain registrations, and also for old domains upon renewal.
2) Registrars should verify the reachability of contacts.
We'll have to check the email address of the owner by sending a validation link, check the phone by calling it or sending a validation SMS, etc. This rule will apply to all new contacts or all existing contacts who make changes to their data. If these validations go unanswered, all related records may be suspended or destroyed.
3) Customers will need to keep their data up to date.
You will now have 7 days to inform us of any change of address, email or phone. If, when we email you as required (under WDRP) every year, we find that your email address is no longer functional, or we proactively ask to update your data, your non-response within 15 days may result in suspension or removal of domains.
4) We will have to keep your data longer
The new contract requires us to keep all of your data (account transactions, IP addresses, etc.) for 2 years after the removal or transfer of your domain. There will be exceptions to this rule if it violates local data protection laws. Today, when you have no more contracts with us, you can delete your account.
5) You should no longer receive fake renewal reminders from other companies
ICANN has added an interrupt contract clause for any registrar that sends fake renewal reminders. If they are caught doing this, they have to cease very quickly or lose accrediation. Perhaps this will mean the end of "DROA" and other fake "Internet Registries". It will be interesting to see how these unethical companies react!
6) Private whois services are (finally!) properly regulated
Note that all the registrars that offered this service up till now did so without clear regulations. This has led to problems, and, in some cases to lost domains from some registrars. Now it will be easier for registrars to offer this service in a consistent manner that preserves the ownership of the domain by the registrant, which is what Gandi has always done. Registrars who plan to offer this service will now need to arrange for a verified backup of certain contact information in their private whois records. These backups will be held in secure escrow by ICANN, and used should the registrar somehow be unable to continue, like if they lose accreditation or go bankrupt.
7) The display format for whois information is now standardized
To stop the practice of some registrars providing an exotic whois format that prevents transfer to another registrar, a standard format and content is now imposed. This should make transfers of some exotic top-level domains much easier.

The new contract is currently being validated, and we should be able to sign it in about two months. However, ICANN gives everyone until January 1st 2014 to comply with all of these rules.