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IaaS account migration update

A few weeks back we announced that we were making some changes to the way we bill for our IaaS Cloud hosting services. Here's an update for all of you who are hosting or looking to host your applications at Gandi. Your account will soon be active on the new billing system.
We have had more than 300 replies to the gandibar post or via email, and have been working intently over the last month on refining the product for launch.

Last week, we migrated about 150 volunteers (thanks to everyone who volunteered!). We had 99% positive feedback, with many great suggestions, most of which we have now implemented. Nearly 1,000 customers are on the new version as of today.

In addition to the many bugs fixed, the following features were added/changed:

  • The 100 GB limit on monthly bandwidth consumption has been increased to 500 GB to further limit the number of impacted customers.
  • A new probe was added to our watchdog to alert you to abnormal bandwidth consumption.
  • Also, the ability to automatically reduce the bandwidth of the interface is being tested.

2000 additional client accounts will be migrated by the end of the week (We will send those of you affected an email tomorrow).

The opening is scheduled for early next week, at which point all remaining customer accounts will be migrated.

Note that the operation of GandiFlex is suspended for the next three weeks. It will be back as a new, more complete version, with features allowing you to adapt your consumption over time to suit your needs.

Once your account has been migrated, we recommend you go to the credit management interface to set your alerts and automatic pack purchases.

Note: for the accounts that were migrated today, you have to log out and back in to see the changes to the interface.

We hope you like being millionaires in Gandi credits!