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Gandi rolls out new cloud billing platform

It has been a few weeks since we first started talking about a new way to bill for cloud computing services, and our technical teams have been hard at work to make the changes needed to give our customers a smoother, more flexible way to pay for compute power online. Not to mention less expensive: the vast majority of our customers will pay less under the new scheme, since instead of reserving shares ahead of time, you reconfigure whenever and pay by the hour for what you actually use.

It is shaping up well, and thanks to our incredibly loyal best testers (give yourselves a hand!), it includes a lot of things we never thought of, (like putting monthly consumption numbers in the control panel, for instance).

Tired of reading already? Maybe just watch a quick video to see what's going on:

Still reading? Well then, here's a quick summary of the stuff we changed:

  • Gandi credit system with up to 30% discount for advance purchases
  • Way more flexibility in server resource settings
  • Stopping servers stops charges for server resources (disk resources and interfaces still cost something while stopped)
  • API enhancements to make it easy to manipulate credits with API calls
  • Cool new user interface for control of your IaaS servers

What else? Well, you know us, we are up front with everything, and we can't tell you about all this stuff without being honest about where we are charging more. In this case, this change will introduce new charges for bandwidth, which we never had before. That's the bad news.
The good news is that we don't charge for the first 500 gigabytes in a given month. That means that over 95% of our users will still pay nothing at all for bandwidth. We even have a monitoring feature, too, so if you get close, you can start limiting bandwidth on your interfaces before you run into chargeable territory.

Are you not a Gandi customer yet? Maybe you are a customer, but just never tried our cloud hosting services? We really want you to, so that's why we are willing to give you free (as in beer) 30,000 Gandi credits, just for asking. That's enough to run a small server for several days, or fire up a huge platform server with a terabyte of storage for a few hours. You will find a button to request your free credits up on our hosting page. Give it a try and see why we are so excited about the flexibility and power we are unleashing.

What's next? We are adding a new front end to Gandiflex, to make it super easy to set up scheduled resource level changes on your running servers. In a couple of weeks, we will be adding a calendar interface to let you pick when to beef up your servers to handle traffic.

We have a lot going on, and it keeps getting better here at Gandi.