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Online Privacy needs your help

There are disturbing revelations coming from a whistleblower about U.S. Government surveillance programs that track phone calls and our online communications. Even your so-called private messages via Skype or Facebook can be read by spy agencies under a secret program called PRISM, run by the NSA (National Security Agency). They will not stop unless we demand they stop. Can we count on you?

This does not just affect Americans - all users of online services worldwide have had their private data collected and analyzed by spy agencies for years now, apparently under secret court orders that companies like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and Facebook have had to comply with. This is an outrageous violation of our collective privacy. The EU apparently also did nothing to stop these violations, though they were informed.

Gandi believes that a free and open Internet is one of the best ways to ensure peace and security in the world. We think everyone should have a voice, and that the Internet is a great platform to have your message heard. But this surveillance chills the freedom of speech we have come to enjoy and expect. It is over-reaching, and goes against our core values. We believe in freedom of choice, as in what to say, how to say it, and to whom. Now we can no longer choose.

That's why Gandi is signing on to the StopWatching.Us initiative, started by Fight for the Future, and supported by the EFF, Demand Progress, and many others. Will you join us?