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The New Gandi Flex

If you are an experienced user of Gandi Cloud VPS systems, you will recognize the name Gandi Flex as the system that added and subtracted shares of resources on a scheduled basis. We have now completely revamped the interface to work with our pay-as-you-go billing system, and it's definitely a big step up.

No other cloud provider does it like Gandi. Our users have the ability to schedule additional resources incrementally, on an hourly basis, with sophisticated recurrence schedules built in. This gives you a handle on the cost of running your instance. Whether you are an e-commerce site administrator, a SaaS provider, or a developer using the cloud to build and test software, Gandi Flex can help you keep costs low, while making powerful systems available when needed. If you can predict the spikes and heavy use periods for your use case, you can use Gandi Flex to scale up when you need it, and back down when you know you don't.

Combining the new Gandi Flex with monitoring probes, you can cover every eventuality (good as well as bad) for handling traffic, CPU, or RAM requirements. Gandi flex provides the baseline schedule, and our monitoring probes will take core of adding or removing resources for the exceptional cases.

Plus, it has a really cool calendar interface:

Gandi Flex

You can see how this will save you credits. If you don't need a lot of CPU cores most of the time, but for 4 hours a day you really do, well now you will only pay for those cores for 4 hours, and run on 1 for 20 hours, when that's all you need.

Gandi Flex works with Gandi Cloud VPS systems, and is available now for free for all customers.

Finally, note that we have added a page in our online documentation that will help you use Gandi Flex to its full potential. To find out more, visit our Gandi Flex wiki page here!