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Gandi has a New T-Shirt: Gandi Invaders!

Our erstwhile in-house artist, Steven, was inspired to make a new t-shirt design by his years at Atari (or was it years playing Atari?). Anyway, we now have a great new way for you to express your displeasure with the invasion of bullshit nagging offers you get with other hosting and domain registrar companies. Who is the savior? An 8-bit Gandi!


We were like, "Hey Steven, can you make us a new t-shirt design? Maybe something for summer? Warm colors, and a catchy theme?". Steven's response "Yeah! Wait and see... I've got some ideas.". He sure did... they included making our beloved Gandi blasting refactored space invaders with fireballs (in warm colors). Here it is:


The new t-shirt is a 4-color design, and is strictly limited edition. We printed it on 3 colors of t-shirts (black, gray and blue), 250 per color. That means there are only 750 total, and some sizes are regrettably few in number.

 bs_invaders_shirt_all.png, June 2013
Remember that t-shirt sales support the projects we sponsor, in addition to helping you to show off the only advertising we want: your recommendation. They are great conversation starters, and will surely tug at the nostalgic hearts of aging gamers you know... why not tell them about Gandi, and how to get a shirt like yours?

We will be producing a very small number of these for giveaways in the USA, since we can't sell them there just yet. If you want one, let us know! We would love to hear about your experiences wearing a Gandi shirt, the reactions people have to the "no bullshit" slogan, and the people you turn on to the coolness that is being a Gandi customer.