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New Mobile Site Creator at Gandi

Most of you probably have heard of our simple website creation tool, Gandi Site? Well, we are updating it to allow lots more functionality, including the ability to create a mobile version of your site! Yes, that's right, you can now use Gandi Site to make a website for your smartphone. Welcome to the mobile age!

Gandi Site is a WYSIWYG website editor anyone can use, regardless of your skill level. It makes it easy to create professional web sites with all the latest visual elements. Many pre-defined templates and widgets are included.

Did you know that every domain name at Gandi comes with a free, 3-page Gandi Site web site? That will get you started, and when you are ready to go mobile, just upgrade to a Business pack.

With the Business pack, you get an unlimited number of pages, access to all templates, e-commerce store functions, and 100GB of storage space. And now you also get the Mobile site editor!

Mobile Gandi Site editor

With the mobile site editor, you can use the same tools and editing interface to create, test, and pre-view a mobile version of your site. Emulators for popular smartphones are included, so you can see how it will look. Your site will be accessible to users on the move, letting you reach more people, more of the time.

Just create or edit your site, then hit publish. A few minutes later you will be online on everyone's smartphone.