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Gandi Expands in Europe and the World

Gandi is continuing to enhance its services to international customers with a new office in Europe.

Augmenting the current set of data centers in Paris and Baltimore, our newest installation is in the prestigious brand-new Luxembourg tier 4 class (peering geeks will appreciate this).

By strengthening our presence in Europe, we will be able to serve more of the Eurasian continent. To reach this goal, we decided to locate in a country strongly committed to a digital future (with 10 Tier 4 data centers). Our American data center is working out well in Baltimore, and just as we did in America, we set up our systems "from scratch" in Luxembourg, establishing not only cages, servers, peering, and security, but also administrative offices including dedicated system administrators, who are ready to jump on any issues before they affect customers.

Luxembourg invests heavily in its digital infrastructure, and as a result now offers one of the fastest networks in Europe.

Our neighbors to the north (Germany, UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland) and to the East will enjoy the benefits of our faster infrastructure (particularly in terms of latency).

Of course, even though we have not specifically targeted them, the countries of France, Spain, Portugual and Italy will also benefit from their proximity to new Data Center as well.

While located in Europe, our new data center is open to anyone. Having your data in Europe may be perferable to some in the USA, at least until Congress reins in intrusive surveillance practices, though of course Europe is not immune to that sort of thing.

The on-site team of 8 in Luxembourg is dedicated to localizing the web site into more languages, expanding Gandi's services into new markets, and to servicing our European corporate customers (a growing segment for us as the value of our corporate offering becomes more widely known).

Why Luxembourg?

Our choice was guided by the search for top quality at a reasonable price. Luxembourg's industry has transitioned in the past from steel, to banking, and now is strongly committed to information and Internet infrastructure. Centrally located, with tier 4 data centers (uncommon in France) this location gets us low network latency to neighboring countries. Add to this that Luxembourg's population has 40 different nationalities represented in a small territory, which greatly facilitates our current and future recruitment, especially when searching for a diversity of languages and technical skills.

To celebrate the opening of this new location for Gandi, we are offering several promotions:

  • 30% discount on all new registrations and transfers of European extensions, for 1 year. Use the promo code EUROPE from the 3rd to the 10th of September (D and E rate customers are not eligible. This applies to be, fr, eu,, ch, li,, nu,it, de, at, cz, me, lu, pl, es, im, cat, ru, nl,, se, pt, lt, no, dk, lv, ro, gr, fi).
  • Get 60,000 hosting credits for creating a server in Luxembourg from the 3rd to the 10th of September (to be credited October 1, for any servers still active).
  • 15% discount on the creation of a Simple Hosting instance in Luxembourg, for 3 to 12 months. Valid from the 3rd to the 10th of September, with the promo code SIMPLEEUROPE
  • 15% discount on the creation of a Gandi site pack with code SITEEUROPE . Valid from the 3rd to the 10th of September
With this expansion Gandi can leverage the existing infrastructure and staffing in France, keeping our R&D and French-language support in Paris, while capitalizing on the growth of our international Corporate sales, and expanding our critical services, enabling a bright future.