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Progress report on the new TLDs

Are you lost in the jungle of new TLDs? This post will show you the way, and lay out what you can expect in the near future and in the long term.

7 new TLDs

While seven new extensions were made available for pre-registration a few weeks ago (.bike, .clothing, .guru, .holdings, .plumbing, .singles, and .ventures) (source), seven more new ones have just been added (.camera, .equipment, .estate, .gallery, .graphics, .lighting, and .photography) with a Sunrise period from December 3rd to January 31st, 2014 and general availability scheduled for February 5th, 2014 (source).

The new start date for .voyage, whose Sunrise period was initially announced for November 26th, has yet to be announced.

Landrush: 200+ Donuts extensions

The Landrush phase is for registrants who don't have rights to a name, but who want it badly enough to pay extra for it. Provided a domain is not reserved by the Registry and is still available, it can be acquired during this period for a higher price.

Most registries who will be participating in this phase will simply offer domains at a higher rate. Donuts, on the other hand, is proposing an "Early Access Program" in lieu of the typical landrush, characterized by 7 days of decreasing prices – first come, first served. At Gandi, the first four days of this phase will be handled by our support (ahem) and corporate services teams (with daily price changes of several thousand USD, according to the Registry). The last 3 days of this phase will be handled online, with the price changes being in the low hundreds.

The Landrush phase option is presented when you convert a pre-reservation into a reservation, or when you register one of the TLDs that are already available.

Free pre-reservation available for 37 new extensions

When we launched pre-reservations (which, we remind you, are sent to the Registry with a prioritized status), we offered 580 new TLDs which had received a green light from ICANN.

Following deliberations over the proposed extensions where there were multiple candidates or other points of friction, free pre-reservation is now available on 37 new TLDs: .bible, .builders, .charity, .coach, .comsec, .creditcard, .creditunion, .date, .degree, .dental, .engineer, .engineering, .fail, .finance, .financial, .gmbh, .gop, .gripe, .halal, .heart, .indians, .islam, .llp, .nowruz, .ooo, .roma, .sarl, .shiksha, .sucks, .tax, .town, .university, .wang, .website, .wed, and .wtf and .zulu.

Go ahead and pre-reserve that .ooo. We'll wait.

Lists of reserved and premium domains

ICANN and the Registries have provided lists of domain names that cannot be directly purchased online. From the looks of the first lists, one can only begin to imagine where they came from. Take this list of reserved names for .guru, for example. Just look at it! We can't even guess.

Incomprehensible or not, the contents of these lists have already been integrated into our domain search. Customers who have already paid for names that are on the reserved names list will be fully refunded.

In addition to the above lists of reserved terms, the Registry has also provided lists of "premium" domains, for which it will impose "non-standard pricing." Customers who have already paid for domains on that list will be contacted to see if they want to maintain their order at the higher price.

More new extensions waiting in the wings

Our beloved legal and technical accreditation teams will be in no danger of having too little to do anytime soon, as many of the new TLDs are aiming to launch in the first quarter of 2014. Among the expected new arrivals, we can mention:
  • .BZH, for our friends the Bretons, which has already laid out eligibility criteria (residence in Brittany, website written in the Breton language, content promoting Breton culture, or membership in the organization, and so on)
  • .BLOG, .CLOUD and .PHOTO, all of which are holding strong in their positions among our top 30 TLDs.

Will we look back a few years from now and laugh at this short-lived new-TLD adventure, or does this mark the beginning of a new era for the internet? Please enlighten us in the comments, because frankly, we can't tell. We're here for you either way.