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Simple Hosting: 50,000 websites and counting

Two years ago, we announced the release of our Simple Hosting offer. Ever since, the platform has evolved rapidly to include other programming languages (php, Node.js and Python) and databases (MySQL, pgSQL and MongoDB).

Since then, over 50,000 of you have placed your confidence in the Simple Hosting platform.

If you're curious, the 50,000th site to be hosted on the platform is that of the Marathon of Metz Mirabelle. It's running Drupal V6 and Scriptcase. Besides promoting the event, it handles signups and donations from volunteers and participants. Since we thought this was a cool project, we gave them a free year of hosting. (For more information about this project, check out the French version of this post.)

If you haven't tried Simple Hosting yet, allow us to remind you that all Gandi customers can test the service for five days for free! To do so, just create an instance and choose the trial option from the "Subscription duration" dropdown. Furthermore, if you want to try the new node.js or Python instances, we'll give you a full month for free, in the hopes that you'll be inclined to share your feedback and bug reports. To take advantage of this, contact our support team.

For those of you whose sites are already powered by Simple Hosting, what have you created? Share your sites in the comments below along with a brief description of what it's running and how you set it up. Are you using git for version control of your site? If the source is published somewhere, on GitHub for example, even better! We'll be showcasing some of our favorite sites in an upcoming blog post.

If you're wondering how Simple Hosting is different from typical shared hosting offers, check out our other post: Why choose Simple Hosting for your website?