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Why doesn't Gandi advertise?

As you may know, Gandi doesn't advertise as a matter of principle. We believe there are ways of letting people know we exist without spamming them or shoving ads in their faces. In other words, we won't pay for a captive audience.

Gandi's service itself is its marketing, and our customers are our only marketing department.

We believe in the power of creativity and ethics when it comes to success (this goes for people as well as companies and organizations). At Gandi, we try to have plenty of both. In an economy and a society dominated by intrusive marketing and questionable business practices, it is becoming more and more apparent that people, making informed choices based on their own standards, can be the most effective force in guiding the internet in a positive direction.

What all this means is that we are in the uniquely delightful situation of having an outreach budget, but refusing to buy the thing that most companies spend lots of money on: ads.

So what do we spend that money on, you ask? Well, here are some of the things we've spent our antimarketing budget on in the last year or so:

An unConference of One's Own: She's Geeky

Fighting injustice is hard enough when you have a clear target, and things like pervasive microinequities are anything but. Sometimes, the most effective way to deal with a failing system is to build your own alternative. We applaud this spirit, and that's why we're proud to support and participate in safe, friendly spaces in IT like the Bay Area She's Geeky unConference. 
This year, Gandi US provided a community sponsorship for the Bay Area She's Geeky unconference, and sent two of our employees to check it out.


She's Geeky offers an opportunity for women in technology to come together to share ideas and strategies as well as network in an informal, self-directed way. The unConference format -- no formal agenda, participants propose their own sessions and lead them that day -- turns talks into conversations by encouraging participation from everyone present, and allows participants the flexibility to explore topics that might not make it into the program of a large conference, such as:
  • Mob Programming (it's like a flash mob, only quieter)
  • How to tackle difficult conversations at work
  • Hiring the best by hiring the people your competitors discriminate against
She's Geeky includes all the perks of a traditional conference, though: raffles every day (lucky winners walked away with a Raspberry Pi and a Dell Venue 8 tablet, among other things), and, of course, tons of swag. If you were there you might have even gotten a coveted "#No_bullshit" Gandi t-shirt (more on this in a moment). 

We met a lot of amazing developers, sysadmins and hackers, from rainbow-dyed mohawks to gray ponytails.

In particular, we'd like to give some props to:
For more information or to sponsor She's Geeky, see

Sustainable swag?

Speaking of t-shirts, we've started getting ours from Bandwagon Merch, a screen printing and design studio based in Kansas City, MO. We buy the highest quality shirts from fair labor, American shops. You don't buy your domains from the cheapest registrar you can find. Why should we do any differently with swag?

You too can make your people jealous with our line of rad Gandi apparel. #Hack4Good

Several times a year, Geeklist throws #hack4good, a global hackathon in which people all over the planet spend a weekend coding up ideas that will make the world a better place. Gandi contributes to this effort by providing domain names and webhosting so that the winning projects can live on, as well as #hack4good t-shirts for attendees.


Domains4Good originated as a project at the aforementioned #Hack4Good hackathon in San Francisco in October 2013. This so-simple-yet-so-brilliant service parks your domains, redirecting them every day to a social cause chosen by the community.

Don't feel so bad now about that domain-buying binge you went on last night, do you?

We know what you're thinking: why isn't this integrated into so you can buy your domains and park them with domains4good in one click? Patience, grasshopper. We're working on it.

For more info, see


Jupiter Broadcasting has some amazing podcasts, but one in particular is right up our alley. It's called Unfilter, and it's one of the most informative sources on the intersection between politics and the internet. Their coverage of Snowden's leaks exposing the NSA's illegal mass surveillance is especially awesome.

The Unfilter show doesn't accept advertisers, in order to ensure they are only accountable to their listeners, which gave us happy feels.

As you can imagine, this is our kind of show, so we made a no-strings-attached donation to the general Jupiter Broadcasting fund with a request that the money be used to ensure that Unfilter keeps existing.

You won't regret checking out the Unfilter show.

Electronic Frontier Foundation

The EFF needs no introduction; they are doing some of the most important work of our era. We rely heavily on them for the information and analysis that serves as our guidance as we work towards a better internet, so crucial to a free society. It is with humble gratitude that we support the EFF, provide their domains, and plaster their stickers everywhere.

Join the fight.

That's awesome.

And that's not even close to all we do! Check out a somewhat more complete list of our supported projects here.

On a related note, if you appreciate the fact that we don't advertise, it would be awesome if you could take a moment to follow us. We're on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Github, and you can probably find us elsewhere too.

By the way, if you know of an event or a cause you think we'd be into, let us know in the comments, or tweet us at @gandibar. We love hearing from you!

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