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April newsletter: Security, 1.5 million domains, new gTLD calendar and more


1. 1.5 million domain names
2. Heartbleed, OpenSSL and security at Gandi
3. April new gTLD calendar
4. .CO at 50% off, and also at 75% off
5. Promo roundup

Last month, we reached a new milestone: 1.5 million domain names registered at Gandi. Can you imagine? If you wrote each domain name on an elephant and stacked the elephants on top of each other, you could reach the moon!*

That number has been on the rise for 14 years straight, and there are no signs of it slowing down anytime soon, especially with all the new gTLDs coming out. Below, you'll find a calendar of this month's new extensions.

The .CO registry has a great deal during April and May, and new .CO registrations are 75% this week only.

It has been a very busy last few weeks in terms of security. You'll find the details below.

Finally, we'll summarize the current promotions available at Gandi.

1. 1.5 million domain names

34 days, 16 hours and 20 minutes. That's about how long it would take to read all one and a half million domain names currently registered at Gandi. What we're trying to say here is that it's more than just a number: it's also a responsibility we're honored to be entrusted with. For that, we thank you 1.5 million times!

If you'd like to know more of the story behind this number, see our blog post.

2. Heartbleed, OpenSSL and security at Gandi

In case you haven't noticed, the world found out two days ago that for the last two years, the popular OpenSSL library has had a major security flaw that affects a large portion of servers running a website over https. The flaw permits attackers to trick servers into providing some of its memory contents, which can include private keys, passwords, and other sensitive information. As soon as the news broke, our ops team burned the midnight oil until our systems were patched, our SSL certificates replaced and the old ones duly revoked.

If you have Gandi SSL certificates or a VPS (or just want the gory details) please read our news post.

Fortunately, we had implemented PFS (Perfect Forward Secrecy) on our own website just days before the news hit, which reduces the likelihood that encrypted traffic intercepted between the flaw being published and our certificates being replaced could be decrypted, even if an attacker was able to obtain our private keys.

On a related note, we're pleased to welcome OTR to our list of supported projects. OTR (Off-The-Record) is a cryptographic protocol that provides strong encryption for instant messaging conversations.
Check them out here:

We're also working on more detailed post about the security of your Gandi account, so keep an eye on our blog at this week.

3. April new gTLD calendar

Here's the provisional calendar of new gTLD launches for the month of April 2014. As usual, it's not exhaustive, as we're getting new information regularly, and some details might change:

Tuesday, 8 April (Sunrise):
 - .cards
 - .catering
 - .cleaning
 - .community

Wednesday, 9 April (GoLive):
 - .coffee
 - .florist
 - .house
 - .international
 - .solar
 - .moda (Sunrise)

Thursday, 10 April:
 - .archi (Sunrise)
 - .rich (GoLive)
Sunday, 13 April (3-day Landrush):
 - .holiday
 - .marketing

Tuesday, 15 April (GoLive):
 - .buzz
 - .gift
 - .guitars
 - .link
 - .photo
 - .pics
Tuesday, 15 April (Sunrise):
 - .industries
 - .parts
 - .supplies
 - .supply
 - .tools
Wednesday, 16 April:
 - .holiday (GoLive)
 - .marketing (GoLive)
 - .dance (Landrush)
 - .democrat (Landrush)
 - .kaufen (Sunrise)
Thursday, 17 April (GoLive):
 - .blue
 - .kim
 - .onl
 - .pink
 - .red
 - .shiksha
 - .mobile in Chinese

Sundary, 20 April (3-day Landrush):
 - .codes
 - .farm
 - .viajes

Wednesday, 23 April (GoLive):
 - .codes
 - .farm
 - .viajes

Sunday, 27 April (3-day Landrush):
 - .agency
 - .bargains
 - .boutique
 - .cheap
 - .zone

Wednesday, 30 April (GoLive):
 - .agency
 - .bargains
 - .boutique
 - .cheap
 - .zone
 - .immobilien (Landrush)
 - .ninja (Landrush)

All prices and dates are available on the TLD info pages.
For example, .buzz:

4. .CO at 50% off, and also at 75% off

The .CO registry, an up-and-coming star TLD favored by startups, is offering new one-year .CO registrations for half of the normal price ($16.50 instead of the usual $33.00) for all of April and May. And lest anyone think they haven't gone completely off the deep end, they're going even a step further for one week: .CO registrations will be 75% off ($8.25!).

The 75% off promo will last until 13 April at 3pm PST.

5. Promo roundup

Here's a summary of the current promos on domain names:
- .CO: See link above
- .IN is 50% off

Well, folks, that's about it for this month. Remember that you can stay up to  date with our news in a few ways:

Our blog:
Our newsfeed:
And on Twitter: @gandibar

As usual, feel free to send us your comments about our services and suggestions on our interface to newsletter-en [at]

The Gandi team

* For some variable size of elephant ;)