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Boost your SEO with SSL

Did you know that securing your website with SSL can boost your search ranking?

Since this summer, Google has started showing sites with HTTPS at higher positions in their search results. According to Google's announcement, using HTTPS as a ranking signal is their way of promoting good security practices on the Internet.

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If you're a webmaster, HTTPS is therefore another factor to consider in improving the visibility of your website in search results, not to mention the benefit of added security of your visitors and their transactions.

For Gandi users, it's easy to adopt this best practice and reap the benefits:

  • Every domain at Gandi comes with a free one-year standard SSL certificate, so you can see the improvement in SEO for yourself without spending a thing
  • If you use Simple Hosting to host your website, certificate installation is incredibly easy (supported on size M instances and above)
  • If you have a VPS, the Web Accelerator supports HTTPS, and you can use as many certificates as you want
  • As a Certificate Authority, we offer a range of certificate types starting at $16 a year. See all the prices here.

You'll find a guide to purchasing and installing an SSL certificate on our wiki.