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Free domains and hosting for those who #hack4good this weekend

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This weekend, people all over the world are joining forces to use their skills for good as part of #hack4good 0.6: The planet's biggest ever global hack against climate change, organized by our friends at

Gandi is pleased to contribute free domains and web hosting to teams participating in #hack4good! You guys are awesome and we love you!

Each team can receive, for free:

  1. A free domain,
  2. A Simple Hosting instance, and
  3. A Gandi VPS

DEADLINE: This offer must be redeemed by Monday, 15 September at midnight PDT (2014-09-15 07:00:00 UTC).

Free domain name

Details and restrictions regarding the free domain:

  • Price limit: The pre-tax price of the domain must not exceed 40 USD / 30 EUR / 20 GBP. We know you want a .rich, but we're not trying to go out of business here.
  • New domains only
  • One year only
  • Eligible domains only: Some TLDs (especially ccTLDs) have eligibility requirements. Your handle must meet them in order to register a domain under that TLD. The rules are available on each TLD's info page (see the .us info page, for example).
  • TLDs that require a corporate subscription are excluded. Sorry, but they're corporate for a reason.

The full list of Gandi TLDs is available here (just be sure to pick one that meets the requirements above!).

To get your free domain:

  1. Create a Gandi handle if you don't have one already.
  2. Choose an available domain under an eligible TLD and proceed with registration.
  3. Submit your order, choosing "prepaid account" as your method of payment. (No actual payment is necessary, but make sure the order is less than $40/30€/20£ pre-tax!)
  4. You'll receive an order number (it looks like 1234567/8) which you should be able to see it on your Orders in Progress page.
  5. Find a member of the Gandi staff and provide them with your team name, Gandi handle (visible at the top of the screen in your Gandi account) and order number. We'll take care of the rest!

More about domain names at Gandi

Free web hosting

Gandi offers two types of hosting: Simple Hosting (PaaS) and VPS (IaaS). We're giving out coupon codes for both types to each team; you can choose either or even use both! (Which one do I choose?)

1. Simple Hosting instance

If your team is building a project that requires any combination of PHP/Node.js/Python/Ruby and MySQL/pgSQL/MongoDB, Simple Hosting might be what you need!

Each team can receive a free Simple Hosting instance. The limitations are as follows:

  • Creations only
  • One month only
  • Size S instances

To get your team's instance, contact us as described below for a coupon code.

More on Gandi Simple Hosting

2. Free VPS

We're giving away coupons good for two 150,000 packs of hosting credits, which is enough to run a Gandi VPS with basic resources for about two months. You can create servers with more powerful resources and/or create as many VPSes as you want until your credits run out.

→ To get your team's VPS, contact us as described below for a coupon code.

More on Gandi VPS

Where to find us

Gandi staff will be available this weekend to answer questions, provide promo codes, and help you get the domain and hosting set up quickly. If your project needs a place to live on the Internet, reach out to us:

We're also happy to help with general questions regarding domains, hosting, DNS and SSL to the extent we can!

Questions? We're @gandibar on Twitter.

Happy hacking!