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Gandi CLI is now open source

One of our users' favorite things about Gandi is the fact that we offer a powerful API that lets you do nearly anything that can be done in your Gandi account via a web browser. A web browser is a graphical interface used for clicking, waiting for pages to load and looking at pictures, as well as consuming all that pesky extra RAM.

A while ago, in our quest to avoid browsers and mouses, we began informally working on a tool that would permit performing certain Gandi operations on the command line. Even though it's very much in alpha, we've already grown very fond of it. And since many Gandi customers have written their own CLI tools for interacting with the Gandi API, we decided to share it with you as-is, in order to share the future of this tool with you, the Best Users in the Whole Damn World.

Gandi CLI

The Gandi CLI is already so useful to us, and we think it's now at a point where you'll find it useful too. You can already register and view domain names, deploy applications on Simple Hosting, and create, reboot, stop and start virtual machines. You can also integrate the Python module into your own scripts and projects, allowing you to automate more tasks in your perpetual quest to Automate All The Things! \o/ (just keep in mind that the CLI is in very active development, so significant changes are inevitable.)

All you need is:

  For more information, visit or see the GitHub repository.

Let us know what you think! If you notice a bug, feel free to create an Issue on the GitHub repo, and of course, we welcome pull requests with open arms.