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Gandi Newsletter for July, 2015 - We celebrate the diversity with a diversity of promos!


  1. Auto-renewal by default
  2. Personal data protection in WHOIS expanding
  3. July gTLD release calendar
  4. .TECH is coming, and we have a promo waiting
  5. Get a .PW for the price of a doughnut
  6. A marriage promo bundle
  7. Promo roundup

Here at Gandi we don't believe in air conditioning: we sweat through the day, working on new features and bringing you domains for less! Well, actually our offices in San Francisco have "natural" climate control, thanks to the nearby Pacific ocean. Even if it were cold, we would still sweat in Paris, though, since we have been working on setting up expanded WHOIS data protection, and adding an option to accounts to allow all the domains you create to have auto-renewal turned on by default. It's hard work. We've also made the summer more pleasant, by introducing a huge slew of promotions, letting you pick up those domains you have been waiting for at prices that still leave enough in your bank account to pay for that barbeque on Saturday. And if you are planning a wedding of any description (now that everyone has the right to), we have a special bundle just for you! Enjoy the summer, and stay cool!

1. Auto-renewal by default

We've introduced a little option under Account Management that a lot of you have asked for: Auto-renew of newly registered domains can be set to ON by default.

If you have enough money in your prepaid account, this option will let your domain be automatically renewed 31 days before its expiration date. Previously, newly created domains had this turned off by default, but if you are the sort of person who wants to keep your domains current with minimal hassle, now you can set this option to ON, and new domains you register will have auto-renew turned on. Of course, you can turn it off again for any domains you want, and it won't affect your current domains or the auto-renew settings for them.

2. Protection of personal data in WHOIS

Gandi has offered free privacy protection for individuals (for TLDs that allow it) for years. Now though, so-called "legal persons" (which typically equates to companies, organizations, etc.) can also get this service on the same supported TLDs (see the list here).

If you have a domain name and the owner is a company, association, or reseller handle, you can now select Private Domain registration under Account Settings-Update account information. If you do, the next time you update any field, the whois will be modified to hide your company and contact name. You might not want that, since it will remove a way for people to find your company! On the other hand, there are some companies that offer services (like battered women's' shelters, for example), where exposing the real address data would be a bad thing.

3. New gTLD release calendar for July

And now here's the expected set of new Generic Top-Level Domain releases for July, 2015. This list isn't set in stone as we get new info all the time, but here's how we think it will go:

Sunday, 5th:

    .gold (Landrush 3 days)
    .golf (Landrush 3 days)
    .more (Landrush 3 days)
    .tours (Landrush 3 days)

Wednesday, 8th:

    .gold (GoLive)
    .golf (GoLive)
    .more (GoLive)
    .tours (GoLive)

Thursday 9th:

    .men (Sunrise)

Sunday 12th:

    .cafe (Landrush 3 days)
    .express (Landrush 3 days)
    .news (Landrush 3 days)
    .site (Landrush 3 days)

Monday 13th:

    .tickets (Sunrise)

Tuesday 14th:

    .love (Landrush 3 days)

Wednesday 15th:

    .cafe (GoLive)
    .express (GoLive)
    .news (GoLive)
    .site (GoLive)

Friday 17th:

    .love (GoLive)

Thursday 23rd:

    .taipei (Landrsuh)

Sunday 26th:

    .jewelry (Landrush 3 days)
    .show (Landrush 3 days)
    .team (Landrush 3 days)

Wednesday 29th:

    .jewelry (GoLive)
    .show (GoLive)
    .team (GoLive)

4. .TECH is coming, and we have a promo waiting

Of all the upcoming new TLDs, none are more eagerly anticipated than .TECH, with applications in the Internet, Startup, technology (obviously), and innovator spaces. Coming into general availability this summer, Wednesday August 5th, the timing is great for those companies looking to get started building brand awareness for the fall season, but not maybe so great for those who know they want a .TECH, but also want to go to the beach for that week?

To solve this seemingly insolvable problem, we recommend a simple pre-order for the Go-live phase. In fact, to encourage you to go to the beach, we are offering .TECH domains for 60% off, starting at go-live, until October 5th, when for most of the world it's going to be too cold to surf (most of the time). For more info, click here.

5. Get a .PW for the price of a doughnut

In case you missed the epic .PW promotion, you still have a few days to catch up: one-year creations of .PW domain names will cost you just $0.99 through July 10. Not even a jelly doughnut's worth. More information about this offer here

6. Marriage promo bundle

As our nation turns 239 on Saturday, We've got partying on our minds. Also, we've seen changes over this last week that make the institution of marriage much bigger than it ever was, for more people then ever. In the spirit of celebration of inclusion and the recent Pride parties, Gandi is making a bundle of promotions available. While .PHOTO is obviously appropriate for recording a celebration, what about .WEDDING? And in the spirit of same-sex couples, .LGBT? .PARTY and .DANCE would work great for a wedding reception as well as the 4th of July BBQ, and of course .SEXY is always popular for a honeymoon (and more)! All these are offered at colorful discounts! Check them out here.

7. Promo roundup

Here is a reminder of the other domain name promotions currently underway:

   The .CAT is half price until August 17, for one year new creations of domains. 
   The .PARTY, .SCIENCE .WEBCAM and extensions will be discounted until July 27
   Domains in .ME will be on sale until the end of the year at 40% off all one-year creations.
   Our partners at .CLUB have made it possible to continue to offer this great new domain at just $10.74 until the end of the year. Join the .CLUB!

You, dear reader, are our most trusted guide through the wild wilderness of domains and hosting. If you want to offer your advice, missives, complaints, compliments, adulation or approbation, we want to hear it! Send your comments to, and keep it real.

You can also find us on Twitter @gandibar, Facebook at, Google+ at and the #gandi channel on freenode.

All the best,

- The Gandi Team

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