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Gandi in the field

Gandi people have been taking to the road this year. Here's a few of the activities we've been at, and are planning to attend in the next few months.

We love meeting Gandi customers in the wild. That's why we are at conferences and events where our users can be found. Here's a few of the bigger ones we've been at this year:

  • SCALE12x, Feb Los Angeles
  • Monitorama May Portland
  • HostingCon June Miami
  • CLS July Portland
  • OSCON July Portland
  • Linux Kernel Summit August Chicago
  • CloudOpen/LinuxCon August Chicago
  • Hack4good 0.6 September Worldwide

The #hack4good 0.6 event, run by GeekList, was a unique opportunity to engage in the effort to make a better world, one app at a time.

Hackathons are events where coders get together, usually physically, and come up with ideas around a specific theme. This time the theme was climate change, and there were a lot of participants (1,032) in over 40 cities collaborating in teams on 150 projects. Geeklist asked what we could do to help, so we offered to give away a free domain and hosting to any team in the hackathon whose projects needed them. There were some excellent projects, and we were happy to help out!

So who "won" the hackathon? Well, since it's against climate change, which affects everyone, we all win if these projects succeed, but the nominally judged "best" projects this time are:

See the whole story on the blog, and high-five our achievement card!

What's next?

And check out our Lanyard guide to stay updated on where to find us!

If you are going to be at any of these events, let us know! We would love to hear from you at cm[@]gandi[.]net. And if we catch you wearing a Gandi shirt, you'll be showered with discounts :)

See you there!

- The Gandi team