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Join Gandi in the Battle for the Net!

A lot of people are aware that the FCC has proposed new rules that eviscerate what was known as Net Neutrality. Were you aware that if enacted, these rules will slow the internet down for almost everyone in the USA? We have a chance to do something about it on September 10!

A chance to act

The FCC has a chance to enact real, meaningful reform that will make the Internet more open, more free, and foster innovation like what we have seen for the last two decades. With a real Open Internet policy, the USA would join the EU and other enlightened nations in judiciously regulating the broadband providers as what they are: utilities. After all, they use a telephone network that was largely subsidized by American taxpayers, and they deliver ever more innovative content from increasingly sophisticated providers.

The problem is that they want to double-dip, by charging not only the consumer for Internet access, but also the content providers the subscriber is trying to reach. The ISPs are now in a position where they can extort the content provider to pay extra for their content to be delivered more quickly. If they don't pay up, the ISPs throttle their traffic. A fast lane for some means slow lanes for everyone else, and, well...

We see what you've done there, cable companies.

so wrong.

You can act now too...

The deadline for FCC comments in response to the proposed rulings expires on September 10th. We've already sent our comments, and we urge you to join us in making your own (or copying ours)! Let the FCC know you stand for a free and open internet for all. This is not just about a few content providers. It's about innovation, access to information, and the manipulation of the web traffic you've already paid for by cable companies who think they can get away with this because they've monopolized the industry.

Please join us in fighting back. Call your representatives on September 10th! Write emails to them, and the FCC. Vote in the upcoming election for candidates who pledge to support Title II regulation for broadband providers. We need to make this absolutely clear: the future of the Internet at stake.