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Introducing the Ruby instance on Simple Hosting


Right as our Python instance is graduating from beta, Ruby is making its appearance. The Ruby language, used by the popular Ruby on Rails framework, allows you to develop and deploy your applications quickly and easily, at the low prices made possible with Simple Hosting. The Simple Hosting offer starts at just $5 per month, plus all Gandi domain name customers receive a promo code for a 50% discount on a yearly instance!

Why Simple Hosting?

Power on demand!

Simple Hosting was created with site speed, flexibility and ease of deployment in mind.

Only pay for the power you need: Choose a size Small instance to get started, scale it up to XXL when traffic peaks, then shrink it back down if traffic slows – all on the fly, no reboot necessary.You're free to develop, test, collaborate and deploy your projects, support them from alpha to #1 on Hacker News without worrying about infrastructure.

Your site will also benefit from faster pageloads thanks to the acceleration provided by Simple Hosting's Varnish cache.


All the Simple Hosting instance types are powered by common upstream resources, but are themselves isolated containers with their own dedicated resources.

It also supports outbound emailscron tasks, SSL (size M and above) and even PDF generation from your app.

Collaboration and deployment, simplified

Each Simple Hosting instance comes with built-in Git and SSH access. In the case of Python, node.js and Ruby instances, this means you can deploy your apps just by running a few commands.

Developers working independently or as a team can track a project's changes with git. And by adding SSH keys, changes can be pushed to the same project from multiple machines and developers.

An admin panel lets you manage everything via a web interface: database, logs, restarting the app, purging the cache, previewing your site before DNS propagation and so on.

For more reasons to use Simple Hosting, see our earlier post, Why choose Simple Hosting for your website?

Ruby instance: available in beta

To learn more about the new Ruby instance or to get access as a beta tester, check out this post on our technical blog. You'll find interesting technical details and useful tutorials to help you get the most from our PaaS Ruby offer.