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Newsletter January 2015: NamesCon, a smarter domain search, and loads of new gTLDs


1. Find us at Namescon
2. Our domain name availability search is getting better
3. January new gTLD release calendar
4. Gandi support workflow
5. Price changes for .NET, .ARCHI and .BIO
6. Promo roundup

Gandi would like to wish all of you a happy new year, with best wishes and many thanks to all of you for being our customer. 2014 was a phenomenal year for us, and we finished it off by sending the donations from our December campaign with .xyz to Creative Commons, FreeBSD and Fight for the Future.

In 2015, we will be here to help you in your online endeavors, whether it's growing your online business, updating your blog, renewing your domains or deploying your web app. And to help you navigate the seas of new gTLDs, we are rolling out a new TLD suggestion engine--see below for details. You will also find our provisional January gTLD release calandar, advice on the price of .NET, and our promos for the year (there are some great ones!

Find us at NamesCon

Our very own Thomas Stocking, COO of Gandi US, will be making an appearance at NamesCon in Las Vegas this month. You can catch him at the Reseller panel on Wednesday.

For the list of all the events where Gandi will be present, check out our Lanyrd guide.

Our domain name availability search is getting better

From now on, in addition to searching for available domain names, Gandi's search engine will propose TLDs that are related to the one you've searched for as well as those that are popular in your geographic location. The goal is to provide more intelligent and contextual results for your original query. Obviously, the result of your initial query will appear first (whether the domain is available or not). You can choose your preferences related to sorting, display, registration periods or deactivate suggestions altogether, if you want. For more information on our new TLD suggestion engine, see our news post.

January new gTLD release calendar

Here's our calendar of expected domain releases this month. As usual, things can change, but right now this is how it looks from here:

Monday, January 5:

.lgbt (Sunrise)

Tuesday, January 6:

.green (Sunrise)

Sunday, January 11:

.degree (3-day Landrush)
.gives (3-day Landrush)
.world (3-day Landrush)

Monday, January 12:

.how (Landrush)

Tuesday, January 13:

.vote (Sunrise)
.voto (Sunrise)

Wednesday, January 14:

.degree (GoLive)
.gives (GoLive)
.world (GoLive)

Thursday, January 15:

.pharmacy (Sunrise)

Sunday, January 18:

.forsale (3-day Landrush)

Tuesday, January 20:

.brussels (GoLive)
.vlaanderen (GoLive)

Wednesday, January 21:

.forsale (GoLive)

Sunday, January 25:

.band (3-day Landrush)
.rip (3-day Landrush)

Wednesday, January 28:

.band (GoLive)
.how (GoLive)
.rip (GoLive)

How to contact Gandi support

We know you know we are here, but did you know we have a recipe for contacting us when you need to? We thought you might appreciate a great new infographic that explains all the ways we can help you reach us to help you. It's a flowchart, with circles and arrows and everything! See it here.

Price changes for .NET, .ARCHI and .BIO

As we warned you last year, the .NET registry will [raise its prices||en|.NET price increase) on February 1, from $16.58 to $17.36 for registration or renewal at A rates. .net domains can be renewed for up to 10 years, so if you intend to hold onto yours for a while, now would be a good time to renew, before prices go up.

Prices in the world of domains go both ways, however, and to balance out the last point, there's some good news to report as well! We're getting a break on .ARCHI and .BIO, so we can show off biometrically designed buildings for less...

Promo roundup

Keep an eye on our news feed for new promos - we have not heard from all the registries yet, and we think more discounts are in store.

That's it for this month. We want to hear from you! Send us your quips, quandaries and revolutionary manifestos to newsletter-en [@]


The Gandi Team

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