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March 2015, 15 years already?!


It was 15 years ago that we sold our very first domain name. With only three extensions to choose from, we entered the world of domain name registration, or Gestion et l’Attribution de Noms de Domaine sur Internet (that's French for "Management and Assignment of Domain Names on the Internet") but since that was a mouthful, we just shortened it to Gandi. Since those humble beginnings, we've grown to a registrar offering more than 600 extensions and as of 2008, several hosting options as well. In those early days we were just four people; today there are more than a hundred Gandians, spread out between four offices (Taipei, Luxembourg, Paris and San Francisco) over three continents and we now manage over 2 million domain names and hosting of our customers' sites and applications.

All that growth, though, is not thanks to an aggressive business strategy or smooth-talking marketers. We're proud to say it comes from not compromising on our values, from word-of-mouth recommendations by people like you, impressed with the quality of our services, excited about our personal and financial investments in the open source community and involvement in more than 300 humanitarian, alternative, economic and technological projects the world over.

We don't want to get too sappy here, but seriously, you guys are our everything. You're the smartest, most amazing, beautiful, wonderful customers a registrar and hosting provider could ever want. We knew it when we first saw you way back in 2000, the way you smiled while registering that .com. And to show you just how much you mean to us, we're going to make the 10,000 domains we gave you for our 10th anniversary look like a souvenir mug by comparison. Thanks to some strings we pulled with our partners, we're giving away 1000 gifts an hour from March 30 to April 03, starting at 5 am (PDT) every morning and ending at 8 pm (PDT) every night (that's like, 15,000 prizes a day).

There will be something for everyone: domain names, hosting, t-shirts, ... and just like five years ago, our most loyal customers get the most out of it, with the number of possible prizes proportional to the number of years you have been with Gandi. If you're not a customer yet, don't worry, you can still benefit from some very attractive deals, unless you're lucky enough to have a friend who wins and wants to share :)

To try your luck, head over to and wait for the next hourly window for the next drawing. To make sure you don't miss anything, we suggest keeping an eye on our Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

The rules of the game are as follows:

  • This operation will go down from March 30 to April 03, from 12pm UTC to 2am UTC
  • A minimum of 75,000 prizes will be distributed (over 1 million dollars' worth!)
  • Gandi account that is 1 year old = 1 prize, 2 years old = 2 prizes, 15+ years old = 15 prizes. The age of your account will be shown once you log in at
  • New customers can play, but are limited to 1 gift
  • Customers are limited to 3 prizes per day (so if your account is 15 years old, you'll have to play every day if you want the maximum number of prizes)

On your marks, set...?