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Newsletter August 2015

Where's Gandi?

We hit the road last month for conferences across the country. We were at ContainerDays in Boston, QCON in NYC, the Kansas City Developer Conference, OSCON in Portland and HostingCon in San Diego.

OSCON is always one of our "can't miss" conferences, and this year was no exception. We ran into lots of Gandi customers, and got to hear about the promising JMAP project from our friends at FastMail (if you've ever found yourself complaining about IMAP, you should really check it out at

We were really struck by one thing in particular: the number of new gTLDs we saw in the wild. We noticed them on business cards, flyers, street signs, and other places you don't typically associate with early adopters, and yet there's a consistent skepticism in conversations with people at tech events. We don't blame you; we were skeptical too! But let us be clear: from where we're sitting, it seems pretty clear to us that the new top-level domains are becoming A Thing.

That's not to say you have to run out and register your brand under all 800 TLDs (though we won't stop you!). But if there's a new gTLD that obviously corresponds to your field (.coffee for coffee shops, for example), now is the time to register it. Prices are low because new registries are pushing for adoption and there's an abundance of available names because the domain squatters haven't moved in yet. TL;DR: What matters isn't that it's a .com, it's that it's memorable.

Hesitate at your own risk, and don't say we didn't tell you so! :)

So where will we be next month? At LinuxCon (obviously)! We won't have a booth, but you might be able to find us without too much trouble due to the drunken pact we made last year to dress up like Hackers. (We gotta lay off the sauce.)

As always, you can see our conference schedule on Lanyrd.

An update to Gandi Site

We took the opportunity this month to do some long-needed updates to our Gandi Site platform. We confess, we've been putting it off because we knew it would be like removing a bandaid: a little painful, maybe gross, and it might leave some sticky residue behind. But just like you can't keep a bandaid on forever (hopefully that's not a shock to anyone), we couldn't put off this update indefinitely either.

So, the painful part first (you are forgiven if you wince): whereas with the previous version of the software a domain name came with three free pages, that was no longer possible to provide with this version of the software and the free pack has been downgraded to one page only. Also, this version of the software comes with fewer free templates. On the other hand, to help make up for that, we lowered the prices for the personal and professional packs, and overall, we've found this new version is really superior than the previous, so the upgrade was not just an aesthetic change, but a real improvement.

For details, check out our news article.

Free disk space on Simple Hosting

Maybe it's the summer heat or maybe it's too many mint juleps out on the gallery but even though it's August—and so just about the furthest away from the gift-giving season as you can get—we're nonetheless feeling our hearts swell with the spirit of generosity. After assuring ourselves the swelling was indeed due to feeling generous and not a medical emergency, then, we came up with a couple of great Simple Hosting promotions we just couldn't help but share with you all.

First, for an extra 10Gb free on a new Simple Hosting instance with a one-year commitment, you can use the code 10GFREE. You can even combine this with one of our 50% Simple Hosting coupons for a domain creation, if you are so inclined.

And as an added bonus, we decided we'd also offer an additional 50% off additional disk space on an existing instance of up to 10Gb with the code 10G50P.

All to wish you a merry August and a happy new scholastic year.

Calendar of August gTLD releases

Here's the (estimated) timing for the gTLD releases set for August 2015. As usual, this isn't necessarily accurate or complete (we get new information all the time):

Saturday 1:

  • .lat (GoLive)

Sunday 2:

  • .tech (Landrush 3 days)

Monday, 3:

  • .rent (Sunrise)

Wednesday, 5:

  • .accountant (GoLive)
  • .download (GoLive)
  • .loan (GoLive)
  • .racing (GoLive)
  • .tech (GoLive)
  • .win (GoLive)

Thursday 6:

  • .game (Sunrise)
  • .xin (Sunrise)

Tuesday 11:

  • .lol (GoLive)

Sunday 16:

  • .dog (Landrush 3 days)
  • .hockey (Landrush 3 days)
  • .run (Landrush 3 days)
  • .taxi (Landrush 3 days)
  • .theater (Landrush 3 days)

Tuesday 18:

  • .live (Sunrise)
  • .studio (Sunrise)

Wednesday 19:

  • .dog (GoLive)
  • .hockey (GoLive)
  • .run (GoLive)
  • .taxi (GoLive)
  • .theater (GoLive)

Sunday 23:

  • .coupons (Landrush 3 days)
  • .movie (Landrush 3 days)
  • .online (Landrush 3 days)
  • .soccer (Landrush 3 days)

Wednesday 26:

  • .coupons (GoLive)
  • .movie (GoLive)
  • .online (GoLive)
  • .soccer (GoLive)

Sunday 30th:

  • .fyi (Landrush 3 days)
  • .MBA (Landrush 3 days)

.TECH Golive + promo

What, there's a .TECH? And it's available for a promotional price? You bet your mechanical keyboard! .tech has been in GoLive since August 5th, and they're selling like hotcakes:

Get a .CO.COM for half price

It's a landrush of a different color! Get in the virtual real estate boom in Gandiville, with domains going for just $14.99 for one year registrations!

More info

Promo on 11 new gTLDs at once

Starting now, through the end of the year, there's a great promo on 11 new gTLDs. Register new domains in these gTLDs at Gandi for one to 10 years, and pay only the following prices:

  • .beer for $19.17 instead of $38.34
  • .cooking for $14.00 instead of $38.34
  • .fashion for $19.17 instead of $38.34
  • .fishing for $14.00 instead of $38.34
  • .fit for $19.17 instead of $38.34
  • .garden for $10 instead of $38.34
  • .horse for $14.00 instead of $38.34
  • .rodeo for $10 instead of $38.34
  • .surf for $19.17 instead of $38.34
  • .vodka for $10 instead of $38.34
  • .yoga for $19.17 instead of $38.34

You can mix and match! Check it out.

Some $1 domains

Yes, it's true. The .faith .date & .review domains are up for just $1 for new registrations, now until October 13th. So easy to commit to register domains when they are this low in price. Cheap .date, anyone?

and also, just to top it off, .TOP is $1.99.

Landrush for .TAIPEI

Our Gandi Asia offices are celebrating a very local domain name event: .TAIPEI is in landrush! .TAIPEI domains are open for everyone (whether you live in Taipei or not). The 1st phase of .TAIPEI landrush ended on July 31st, and the second ends next week, August 14th. Starting from August 6th, .TAIPEI will enter the 2nd phase, when the domain policy will be "First-come, first-served." The minimum registration period for landrush is 3 years. The pricing will decrease with each landrush phase. We expect that the most popular names will be taken in the 2nd phase.

  • 2nd Phase: (8/6/2015 02:00 UTC - 8/14/2015 02:00 UTC)
  • 3rd Phase: (8/18/2015 02:00 UTC - 8/26/2015 02:00 UTC)
  • 4th Phase: (8/27/2015 02:00 UTC - 9/2/2015 02:00 UTC)
  • GoLive, AKA General Availability, is scheduled for September 9th. Stay tuned!

Promo roundup