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Newsletter December 2015: Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow

Of course, we're always growing. Some of us are growing up, some growing older, growing wiser (hopefully), growing sales, growing employees, growing out of control? We hope not. But you get the point. You're probably actually wondering why we're stuck on growing things right now. The thing is, we just got some new plants in our San Francisco office (more on that later) and it's gotten us a little wild about growing things.

So in what other ways are we thinking about growing? Well, for one, we're taking the seed of our plaintext email newsletter and growing it into a more dynamic monthly blogpost (what do you think of it?).

Summary: At a Glance

1. Recently Approved TLDs Of course, ICANN is constantly growing its base of TLDs with new releases to the root, we'll be taking a look at that.

2. Gandi does Cyber Monday We've been helping you grow your portfolios at Gandi with last month's Cyber Monday promo code giveaways, so we'll do a quick wrap-up of that

3. Events at Gandi We've also been growing our DNS friends by hosting OpenLate in our office space, so we'll share some thoughts on one we recently hosted, as well as another recently hosted event: UX Speed dating.

4. Events outside of Gandi SCALE, or Southern California Linux Expo, is coming up, and it's a great way to grow your knowledge about open source projects and products out there.

5. Reminder: .net prices going up We've also got a reminder about .net prices going up next year, we guess that's more inflation growing than anything


6. What's a premium domain anyway? An explanation on another price that seems to grow: premium domains

And we'll be wrapping things up with this month's release calendar and promo round up, a call to help you help us grow, and just for fun a look at those new additions to the office that inspired this whole "growing" theme anyway.

Recently Approved TLDs

When ICANN grows its TLD list, it calls that adding strings to the root (kind of sounds like some kind of fuzzy potato). We thought you might be interested in what they've been adding lately. This doesn't mean we'll be offering these TLDs—we're not that far yet—but we thought we'd just take a peak.

And that quick look revealed, first of all, a lot of Brand TLDs. It's an interesting enough development if you didn't know, but a lot of companies now are starting to buy their own TLDs.

But putting aside those TLDs, two stuck out in particular: .med and .insurance. Medistry LLC, which is the parent of the Cleveland Clinic, an actual hospital in Cleveland, won out in its application against Google. As for, .insurance, it was fTLD, the joint project between American Bankers Association and the technology policy arm of the Financial Services Roundtable (BITS) who beat out Donuts, whose application was withdrawn to do an objection filed by none other than the Financial Services Roundtable.

Gandi does Cyber Monday

Last month we decided to get in on the national commercial holidays with Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. We offered promotions on .online, .tech, .site, .website, .blackfriday, .christmas and .gift to help you get your domain name wintertime holiday shopping out of the way and then for Cyber Monday we went a step further and did the online equivalent of dropping dollar bills from a helicopter by randomly posting promo codes to our twitter feed.

We learned something from this experience. A couple of things, really. First, that people like free coupons on twitter as much as they like cash raining from the sky and second, that throwing them out gave us a fuzzy, warm feeling inside. We are still assessing whether this is a wintertime holiday miracle but we do know now that this won't be the last time we use our twitter feed for this kind of thing. Stay tuned ...

Events at Gandi

OpenLate: DNSSEC

OpenLate, an OpenDNS tech talk and hack night series, has been hosting events in our San Francisco office space lately and we couldn't be happier to have them here. Every Tuesday, they've been presenting on various topics of general interest to domain name types (and we happen to be some of those types).

Recently, they organized an interesting panel on DNSSEC where we met some interesting folks we thought were worth a o/ , so hello to Dani from Cloudflare and Kareem.

If you're around SOMA in San Francisco on Tuesday nights, feel free to drop by for future OpenLate meet ups:

A great series we are proud to support.

UX Speed Dating

It's always cool when someone revitalizes an old formula for a new purpose. And when that involves computer-stuff we get all the more excited. UX Speed dating combines all the awkward fun of speed-dating with user-experience testing and they hosted a meet up in the Gandi SF space this past Wednesday December 9:

Plenty of the type of people who like to sample a little bit of everything without committing too deeply dropped by and gave us some great tips on our UX (as well as on plenty of others).

Events outside of Gandi

One of our all-time favorite conferences is coming up in January: SCALE. For those not in the know, SCALE stands for Southern California Linux Expo and this January 21-24, the fourteenth annual SCALE is being held at the Pasadena Convention Center. SCALE's mission is providing educational opportunities regarding Open Source software, and achieves that primarily through technical seminars and booths where both commercial vendors and non-profit groups display products or run demos and tutorials.

A couple of the featured speaker presentations this year seem especially interesting.

Jono Bacon, community manager at GitHub, is one. He'll be talking about building communities on GitHub.

And Cory Doctorow is another, who is speaking about cyberwar, politics and the Internet.

The deadline for presentation proposals is already closed, but you should still be able to attend or volunteer.

We've been to SCALE in the past and trust us, it's worth it.

.net Prices are Going up

Just a quick reminder to owners of .net domains, or those who may be thinking about bringing a .net into their lives soon, that there will be a small rise in .net prices starting February 1, 2016. So once again, we'd just like to encourage all of you looking to keep your .net domains for at least one more year to renew them before that magic date of February 1 rolls around.

You can renew your domains for up to ten years so if you want to take most advantage of current prices, renew up to that limit and you'll be set for a decade.

What's a Premium Domain anyway?

Speaking of things getting pricier, "premium," we all know, is one of those words people use to make "expensive" sound better. You may have also come across this term or at least the concept in the realm of domain names too. Essentially, regstries reserve the right to charge more than is standard for certain domain names they have deemed to be especially high-value of high-demand.

You see, when they started releasing new gTLDs, registries learned from the wild gold rush days of domain name speculators that cool domain names can be sold for much higher than your run-of-the-mill domain name. So many registries of new gTLDs, both to try to restrict the inevitable panic of the rush on these highly desirable domain names as well as to make their pricing more responsive to demand, sat down and thought of what they expected to be the highest demand domains in their TLD and priced them differently for resale to registrars like us.

So that's why when you try to register a cool domain name in a hot new TLD you might get a little sticker shock when you proceed to checkout.

But don't get too down about it. Look at it this way: your domain name will be even cooler if you can think of one nobody thought to make premium.

New gTLD release Calendar for December

Here is this month's calendar of new gTLDs coming out this month :

Wednesday December 9 :

    .auto (Sunrise)
    .car (Sunrise)
    .cars (Sunrise)
   .xn--tckwe (.com in Japanese) (Sunrise)

Monday December 14 :

    .theatre (Sunrise)

Thursday December 17 :

    .protection (Sunrise)
    .security (Sunrise)

Promo Roundup for December

It's your last chance for a lot of promos we've been running for a while now. Here's a roundup of promos in the month of December:

  • Until December 31, .top is on sale for 50¢ to the dollar.
  • Get a .club for half the price until December 31.
  • .io or .tech? You don't have to chose between these two tech savvy TLDs: if you buy a .io domain name, you will get a coupon to register a .tech for free. Be quick, it ends on December 25.
  • Our funniest promo is ending on December 31.
  • Make it personal with a .me domain, and do it quick as promo's ending soon:
  • Promo on .irish is also ending on December 31:
  • Ending January 15, .press and .host are on sale.
  • .news and .eu promos are ending on December 31.
  • While .cm continues until the end of January.

Also, as Christmas is just around the corner, some flash sales might peep out. We suggest you keep an eye on our promo page to be sure not to miss them.

Gandi Wishes You a Happy New Year

Change is an active expression of conscious agency. And it's something we like to think about around the end of the year when we make resolutions for the new year. So, in the interest of positive change, we thought we'd throw the question out to you: what should our New Year's resolution for 2016 be?

Keep in mind, we already have a wishlist here:

So we're not looking for resolutions like "Add this feature," or "Do such-and-such better." If that's what you'd like to see, feel free to vote for it or add it to the wishlist.

But other than those types of suggestions, what would you like to see us, Gandi US, resolve to this year? New Year's Resolution updates, unlike DNS resolution updates, are not subject to any propagation delay.

Gandi US Now Grows Plants

The most literal way in which Gandi US is growing is in that we have recently added additional (non-animal) organic material to our San Francisco offices. Several new plants now populate our space. While we had some old-growth material before, this month we drastically expanded the amount of green matter in the office by hiring several plant-type employees. Their job is deceptively simple: they are charged with creating the impression that instead of a 1900s SOMA walk-up, we actually inhabit a surreal, prehistoric Amazonian wonderland.

So, let's meet the new hires:


Aloquisha is a hometown girl who started out working at the Palace in SOMA when she got noticed. She left the hectic life a fashion model to join the team.


Brady has 30+ years of experience in IT. Mostly infrastructure management but he's also done some product development and did a brief stint salmon fishing in the Yukon. We're excited to now have Brady at Gandi US in the role of Standing Next to Foreward Left Column.


We feel blessed to have Hope with us. She is a beam of pure optimism in an increasingly dreary El Niño winter.

Droopy & MOE

With backgrounds in sound engineering and production, Droopy and MOE immediately integrated themselves into our sound system. Then they started playing their weird plant music. Don't know if you know what plant music is like but sometimes it can get like super creepy. It's very subtle. Like the sense of foreboding you get deep in a dark forest, and all the trees feel like they're closing in on you ... but all around Droopy and MOE are pretty chill otherwise.


You probably know we're a pretty international team here at Gandi. Galicia, however, is not actually from Galicia. We think she's from like Modesto or something. Galicia brings a calming presence to everything she does, which largely includes standing, surveying the office, and being a shoulder (or stalk, as the case may be) to cry on.


"Chief" may not be his real name but we came to start calling him that because of his commanding stature.

June & Wednesday


June and Wednesday have kind of that Grady twins vibe to them. And when you get close you can almost hear a half a whisper: "All work and no play ..." For real, though, they're pretty chill. June is into poetry and hedgemazes and Wednesday has a pretty sick record collection.


Camilia is the most techie of all of them. She won't use any tool that doesn't have a CLI and by now she's basically programmed herself into a corner. But on the other hand, she's kind of become the new heart and soul of the team.

So those are are new plant friends.

Oh and we're hiring new humanoid employees as well.

You can also reach us at: Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and on the #gandi channel on Freenode. \o/

All the best, - The Gandi Team