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Newsletter June 2015: It's turning out to be an eventful year in domains


  1. Looking East to Gandi Asia
  2. What we know about surveillance, and what you can do
  3. What we did for Gandi's 15th birthday
  4. New gTLDs release calendar for June
  5. Special events and promos this month
  6. Promo roundup

Welcome to June, the month whose days grow long towards midsummer in the Northern Hemisphere of our small, blue planet. Here in this newsletter we reflect on the glories of the first half on an eventful year, this 2015, and look forward to the second half, which has a distinctly Eastern feel.

In politics, we have seen progress, in the rolling back of some of the most egregious surveillance laws in the USA, and setbacks like the French government proposing a knee-jerk law enabling domestic surveillance on an unprecedented (legally anyway) level.

We have also seen cause for celebration, as in the 15th birthday of our shared dream of a company here at Gandi.

It's a big month for new gTLDs, and we will give you a little summary of what to expect, the good and the bad. There are also some updates for ccTLDs you need to know about. Plus, we're launching a new meetup series for DNS nerds here in SF!

1) Looking East to Gandi Asia

Gandi Asia is open for business! While we've been offering support services in the Asian time zone for some time, we are now expanding to offer Asian customers a way more convenient way to buy domains and hosting from Gandi. For one thing, the Gandi website is now available in Chinese and simplified Chinese, and you can also pay in several Asian currencies. We have also beefed up our DNS services in Asia, and even trained a team to offer Corporate services to Asian companies. We feel so cosmopolitan! \o/ ---

2) What we know about surveillance, and what you can do

This past week has been dramatic in the US Congress, with the passing of the USA FREEDOM Act (which stands for Uniting and Strengthening America by Fulfilling Rights and Ending Eavesdropping, Dragnet-collection and Online Monitoring. They just had to go with the acronym ...), and the effective disabling of unconstitutional surveillance of American citizens by the NSA. Now they can only spy on all of us illegally, which makes us feel ever so much safer.

Still, its thanks to the efforts of concerned citizens like you that exerted public pressure on lawmakers not to extend the Patriot Act. While we joined forces with the Internet Infrastructure Coalition, the EFF, Demand Progress, and many others to lobby for this, you deserve most of the credit for standing up and making your voices heard. Great work everyone! And please remember: this fight is not over. There's still plenty to be done in the name of online freedom.

The French government is currently taking steps in the opposite direction, though thankfully the process is moving slowly, and there is still hope for a constitutional challenge to the law that has been proposed. You can take action to protect your content now (if you host it in France): just move it to Gandi's Luxembourg servers.


Your domains, we believe, will be unaffected in themselves. Privacy laws and treaties will remain in effect that keep takedown procedures in the realm of due process, but of course the traffic to your French web sites may well be snooped once (if) the law takes effect. We at Gandi are still working with advocacy groups in France to oppose and challenge this bad, bad, law. Stay tuned!

3) What we did for Gandi's 15th birthday

As you might expect, we did not have any sexist ads on TV, nor scantily-clad humans of either gender jumping out of cakes or other pastries. No, we threw parties for ourselves and our customers in Paris and San Francisco, gave away a ton of domains, hosting, and t-shirts of various kinds, and generally spread love and joy wherever we went. In the case of the San Francisco crowd, you actually gave us money in exchange for tickets to the party we threw, which we humbly gave to a charity providing aid to towns and villages in the Himalayas.

4) June new gTLD release calendar

This is a provisional calendar. Things change all the time, but this is how we think it will go:

Wed June 3rd:

  • .casino (GoLive)
  • .school (GoLive)
  • .football (GoLive)

Thurs June 4th:

  • .porn (GoLive)
  • .adult (GoLive)
  • .accountant (Sunrise)
  • .download (Sunrise)
  • .loan (Sunrise)
  • .racing (Sunrise)
  • .win (Sunrise)

Tues June 9th:

  • .dog (Sunrise)
  • .theater (Sunrise)
  • .taxi (Sunrise)
  • .hockey (Sunrise)
  • .run (Sunrise)

Wed June 17th:

  • .markets (GoLive)

Sun June 21st:

  • .sucks (GoLive)

Mon June 22nd:

  • .taipei (GoLive)

Tues June 23rd:

  • .bank (GoLive)

Thurs June 25th:

  • .irish (GoLive)

5) Special events, changes, and promos this month

Beware the changes to existing domains! We know it's a ways off, but you might want to renew any .BIZ domains before November 1: the price will rise by at least $1 on that date. In the much more proximate future, if you have a .SO, and you want to keep it, you should renew it now before the price goes way up on June 9. Seriously, the price will go up from $19 to $102.60, and all new registrations will be suspended until the new registry says otherwise. If ever there was a time...

But it's not all bad news. There is a great promo on .PARTY, .SCIENCE, and .WEBCAM this month - only $1.50 (at A rates, excluding tax). Cheaper yet at B rates and above. If that doesn't cheer you up, .EU.COM is half off new 1-year registrations for the whole month of June, and .ACTOR, .DANCE, .BAND and .ROCKS are just $5 each for a new registration of 1 year as well.

Are you .EU? If you meet the residency requirements, you can get a .EU for just $2 in June. We know some of you are more connected to the Old World, and so we thought you might also like to know that .WALES and .CYMRU (That's Welsh for "Wales" NB the country not the animal) are coming available. Can you spell diaspora?

If you are a little farther West, the .UK is having a birthday! You can pick up a .UK for half-off in celebration from June 10th until July 31st. Not only that, but there will be a prize drawing each week of this promotion with values up to £1000. Tally ho!

For those of you way out West, we are launching the DNS Nerds meetup in San Francisco (yes, in the Gandi office!) this month on the 18th. Come share your horror stories, tales of triumph, and cool solutions to pesky problems of this core service (you wouldn't get this newsletter if it weren't for the MX records for your email address). See you there!

6) Promo roundup

While gloom (approximately) rhymes with June, so does Boom! Ain't nothin' gloomy about the promos we have this month:

.ORG is going international with three new IDNs in Cyrilic, Hindi and Chinese: .орг (xnc1avg), ".संगठन"(xni1b6b1a6a2e) and .机构 (xn--nqv7f) at $16.02/yr each.

.ASIA and .IN are 50% off until July 1 ($12.50 and $7.75 respectively):

.SCIENCE, .PARTY, and .WEBCAM have incredible deals this month at $1.50 each. Normally they are $38.29!! Talk about a freakin' deal! These three new gTLDs are available for this price until Monday July 27:

.XYZ is on sale for all one-year domain creations for the teeny tiny adorable little price of $5.00 at A rates instead of the usual $13.63 (no offense regular-rate, you're beautiful just the way you are) until June 30th:

.CLUB is $10.74 instead of $13.43 all year:

The RightSide registry is offering a discount of 25% off the price of a one-year creation on TLDs in the following list: .ACTOR, .AUCTION, .CONSULTING, .DANCE, .HAUS, .IMMOBILIEN, .KAUFEN, .MODA, .PUB, .REVIEWS, .SOCIAL until the end of June:

UniRegistry is offering 50% off on .gift, .hiphop, .hosting, .link, .pics and .property through the end of June:


This month, and as always, grab that laptop off the side table by your lawn chair, put down the long island iced tea, and send us your thoughts, missives, encouragement, criticism, props, rants, and just general verbiage to We want to hear from you!

You can also reach us here:




and on the #gandi channel on freenode. \o/

Happy trails,

- The Gandi Team