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Newsletter May 2015: Surveillance, promos and a new DNS meetup


  1. Gandi 15 Party IRL & a new DNS meetup group
  2. Last month: PyCon & International Trademark Association Meeting 2015
  3. Coming up: World Hosting Days
  4. Gandi, Democracy, and the French surveillance law
  5. News from the hosting front
  6. May new gTLD release calendar
  7. Promo roundup

It's been a busy month. We wrapped up our celebration of everything Gandi with a celebration at our office in San Francisco; the French legislature rushed through a new law on surveillance that has us pretty riled up and we've been zipping around to conferences like PyCon and the International Trademark Association Meeting; at the very end of the month we announced the availability of the Debian 8 image on our public IaaS platform; and we just saw a video of a bear walking on its hind legs (it's weird. Look it up).

What's in store for May? Well, some great promotions on some TLDs for one; we'll be at another conference, World Hosting Days; and videos of who knows what terrifying beast walking preposterously like a human (here's hoping it's not a moose).

1. Gandi 15 Party IRL & a new DNS meetup group

Still dizzy from having given away tens of thousands of domains, bajillions of hosting credits and Simple Hosting instances (totaling over a million dollars' worth), we couldn't resist closing out last month with one last celebration of our 15th birthday by throwing a party at our San Francisco office. It was great to see those of you who joined us. All in all, we raised almost $1,000 for aid doctors and relief workers directly involved with Himalayan communities affected by the recent earthquakes in Nepal.

We're really blown away by the dedication of those of you who showed up and it really makes us feel special to be a part of your lives. <3

On a related note, we're kicking off a new meetup related to all things DNS. If you're in the San Francisco Bay Area, we'd love to see you!

2. Shout-outs from PyCon & International Trademark Association Meeting 2015

Last month we were truly thrilled to be at PyCon in Montreal. We had some amazing encounters with existing (and future ;)) Gandians (hat tip to you, Debian/Django/Sandstorm/Sunlight Foundation people). We're proud to have (gratefully) provided (fantastic) @readthedocs with SSL certs and discounted domains, and we also supplied Simple Hosting hosting instances to all participants and mentors at the Django Carrots workshop.

More recently, we've been at INTA in lovely San Diego. Of course, at its base, this is a conference for attorneys involved in intellectual property law, but there is a lot happening with trademarks and brand names. We saw a few familiar faces: most notably Donuts, UniRegistry, and Vox Populi, all of whom are registries of new gTLDs.

You might be wondering why a bunch of intellectual property lawyers would be interested in the new gTLDs: the answer is, of course, trademark abuse, not to mention the appearance of several new gTLDs aiming to be a space for "consumer advocacy" whose domains are already being nervously bought up by big, recognizable brands. But small brands are affected too: When you're launching an app, the last thing you need is for someone else to swoop in and grab out from under you. A good, solid trademark can help, and we can help trademark holders get and keep the domains they need. For more information, contact our corporate team.

3. This month: World Hosting Days

Hosting is a big part of what we do, but we are not alone! Gandi is part of an ecosystem that needs to be protected in order for a diversity of options to flourish (and thereby push us to make ours better). What better way to safe-guard that ecosystem and nourish our collective brains than a conference all about the hosting industry?

Many of our hosting ecosystem-cohabitants have the same concerns as we do, and sometimes we need to work together to make the Internet a better place and a more hospitable environment for a vigorous proliferation of organisms. On May 19th, Gandi's own @ThomasStocking will be on a roundtable at the conference talking about Net Neutrality and the ongoing fight to protect it for all us Internet denizens. Check our social feeds below for updates.

4. Gandi, Democracy, and the new French surveillance law

On a related note, it's no secret that issues regarding freedom on the internet--whether that's freedom to say what you want or freedom from constant monitoring and tracking--are incredibly important to us. You may be aware, for example, that one of our very favorite projects--one which we support every chance we get--is the Electronic Frontier Foundation. This month, the fight came to the home front as opponents of the freedom of expression exploited the atmosphere of fear in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attacks to push a harmful law expanding the French government's surveillance apparatus through the National Assembly.

Gandi is, at its roots, a French company, and just as we comply with US laws when we do business in the US, we will have to comply with French laws when doing business in France, even when we vehemently disagree with them. We are on the side of democracy, both in promoting freedoms on the internet and in participating in the democratic process, and that is why we intend to do everything in our power to fight this unacceptable change.

For more information, see our blog posts:

5. News from the hosting front

This month we're pleased to announce the release of an image for Debian 8, codenamed "Jessie."

We'll resist the urge to put a systemd joke here.

6. May new gTLD release calendar

Mother's Day is coming up! Perhaps the maternal figure in your life would be interested in a domain name? Here's our calendar of expected domain releases this month:

Tuesday, May 5:

  • .news (Sunrise)
  • .design (Landrush)
  • .cafe (Sunrise)
  • .express (Sunrise)

Wednesday, May 6:

  • .ngo (GoLive)
  • .ong (GoLive)
  • .adult (Landrush)
  • .porn (Landrush)
  • .sale (GoLive)
  • .video (GoLive)

Thursday, May 7:

  • .site (Sunrise)

Tuesday, May 12:

  • .design

Wednesday, May 13:

  • .bingo (Landrush)
  • .chat (Landrush)
  • .style (Landrush)
  • .tennis (Landrush)

Monday, May 18:

  • .markets (Sunrise)
  • .bank (Sunrise)

Tuesday, May 19:

  • .jewelry (Sunrise)
  • .show (Sunrise)
  • .team (Sunrise)

Wednesday, May 20:

  • .bingo (GoLive)
  • .chat (GoLive)
  • .style (GoLive)
  • .tennis (GoLive)
  • .apartments (GoLive)

Wednesday, May 27:

  • .casino (Landrush)
  • .football (Landrush)
  • .school (Landrush)

7. Promo roundup

A beautiful, aromatic bouquet of exquisite May flowers, dear customers:

  • .PRESS is on sale for $15 (usually $94.97) in May

  • .XYZ is on sale for all one-year domain creations for the teeny tiny adorable little price of $5.00 at A rates instead of the usual $13.63 (no offense regular-rate, you're beautiful just the way you are) until June 30th

  • The sale on .SCIENCE has been extended! It will now go until May 24th, so you have a bit more time to empirically weigh the best way to take advantage of the opportunity to purchase a one-year domain creation at A rates for just $3.60

  • .ASIA and .IN are 50% off until July 1 ($12.50 and $7.75 respectively):

  • .CLUB is $10.74 instead of $13.43 all year

  • The RightSide registry is offering a discount of 25% off the price of a one-year creation on TLDs in the following list: .ACTOR, .AUCTION, .CONSULTING, .DANCE, .HAUS, .IMMOBILIEN, .KAUFEN, .MODA, .PUB, .REVIEWS, .SOCIAL until the end of June:

  • Uniregistry is offering 50% off on .gift, .hiphop, .hosting, .link, .pics and .property through the end of June:

We also have promos on .mx, .country, .ws, .CO.COM, .орг and .संगठन. See our pricing page for details.

That's it for this month. We await birthday presents, chain letters and ASCII art at feedback[@]

Find us online: Twitter, Facebook, or Google+, MeetUp, and in the #gandi channel on the Freenode IRC network. Also, we're looking to hire new members for our technical support team in San Francisco (or remote, if you speak French)! See your account preferences. <3