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Newsletter November 2014

SUMMARY: At a Glance:

  1. Status of Gandi's services
  2. Poodle, SHA-2 and friends
  3. November new gTLD Release Calendar
  4. .CH is leaving home
  5. This month, your .XYZ purchase supports the EFF
  6. Promo roundup

So you want to know what's happening in the world of domains and hosting at Gandi? Well, you're reading the right newsletter! But first we want to tell you everything we know about nuclear fusion. Nuclear fusion is when two light atomic nuclei join to form a heavier one.

And with that, now we'll tell you what we know about domains and hosting.

It was an interesting month, with a .XYZ promo for only $4, and a .CLUB promo for $6.50. While the .CLUB domain is back up to normal for the moment, don't count them out! We are cooking up some interesting things for that TLD. Our friends at Uniregistry have set up a promo for 25% off .BLACKFRIDAY. And .XYZ, who will not hesitate to dress in purple and dance to get you to dream up a great domain with their extension, have gone and created a very Gandi-like promo for you: they will donate $0.50 for each domain sold in the month of November to the EFF. And nobody puts Gandi in the corner, so we're matching.

This month, Simple hosting instances will be upgraded to PHP 5.4, and we are making changes to the Gandi CLI approximately every 5 minutes. Thanks to those of you who have contributed so far!

1. Status of Gandi's services

Providing a more clear and transparent visibility into the status of our services, present and past, has been in the works for some time. We're happy to report that we now have a new status page, which you can see at

For more details, see our news post.

2. Poodle, SHA-2 and friends

In response to the publication of a security flaw in the design of SSLv3, we have taken steps to secure our hosting platform and mailservers. The flaw, dubbed POODLE in the announcement by the Google security team, allows a network attacker to force use of a less secure version of the protocol, making it easier to obtain the content of secure connections in plain text. For details on the steps we've taken to mitigate this security issue, see our news post.

One of the consequences of POODLE is that the migration to the more secure signature algorithm SHA-2 is accelerating. As a result, we've added the option to obtain SHA-2 SSL certificates at Gandi. If you're ready to migrate, you can now easily replace your SHA-1 certificates with SHA-2. See our news post for details.

In related news, did you know that serving your website over HTTPS can improve its ranking in search results? Here's how.

3. November new gTLD Release Calendar

Here is a provisional schedule of new gTLD releases for the month of November 2014. As usual, check our site for the latest information, since registries can change things at any time.

Sunday November 9:

.gifts (3-day Landrush)
.restaurant (3-day Landrush)
.sarl (3-day Landrush)

Monday November 10:

.how (Sunrise)

Tuesday November 11:

.melbourne (GoLive)
.xn--mgbab2bd (.bazar in Arabic) (GoLive)
.forsale (Sunrise)

Wednesday November 12:

.gifts (GoLive)
.restaurant (GoLive)
.sarl (GoLive)

Thursday November 13:

.quebec (GoLive)

Sunday November 16:

.engineer (3-day Landrush)

Monday November 17:

.space (Sunrise)

Wednesday November 19:

.engineer (GoLive)

Monday November 24:

.gent (GoLive)

Tuesday November 25:

.click (GoLive)
.diet (GoLive)
.help (GoLive)
.property (GoLive)

4. .CH is leaving home

As you may know, SWITCH, the Registry in charge of the .CH TLD, is ending its activities as a registrar at the end of the first 2015 trimester. All holders of a .CH domain name will need to have chosen a new registrar by then.

Renewals have dropped from $23.00 to $16.64. New registrations now cost $13.00 (previously $18.00) and transfers are free of charge.

To sweeten the deal even more, we're offering a promo code for 30% off your first renewal for all .CH domains transferred to Gandi before the end of the year, whether you're coming from SWITCH or another registrar. The promo code will appear in your account within 7 days of the transfer and will allow you to renew your domain for $11.64 instead of $16.64 until January 2015.

Read more

5. This month, your .XYZ purchase supports the EFF

$1 will be donated to the Electronic Frontier Foundation for each .XYZ domain registered at Gandi this month.

And as it happens, .XYZ registrations are currently all of $4, so now's the perfect time to get yours!

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6. Promo roundup

Here's a summary of all the promotions we have running on domain names:

  • [NEW] .CM is 75% off ($24.00 instead of $94.00)
  • [NEW] .BLACKFRIDAY is 25% off on one-year creations at all rate scales
  • .WEBSITE is 50% off ($14.90 instead of $30.31) until 17 November
  • .LINK is 50% off ($6.01 at A rates) through November 30
  • .black, .blue, .pink, .red, .mobi, .kim, .pro, .shiksha and .移动 are 50% off for the rest of 2014

That's it for this month, folks.

We want to hear from you! Send your rants, raves, and kitten photos to newsletter-en [@]

All the best,

The Gandi Team