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Newsletter November 2015: Our tech family, "cheap" domains and new open source projects




  • is now open source
  • Bitcoin payments are live
  • High Price of Cheap
  • Gandi at TechWeek LA
  • A .tech for every .io
  • Promo Round-up
  • New gTLD Calendar


Regardless of stereotypes we're not a bunch of shut-ins shunning all society to pore over 80-column lines of code on a black screen. Well, ok, we kind of are. But we're also a family, united by a dream of building a better world with the tools at our fingertips.

We are a community. Our doors are always open to anyone who wants to stop by, and we love (yes love) the cool things you all are up to. Doing our best for you, then, is second nature to us. That's what drives us.

But this month we're thinking about our extended family—innovators, the open source community, creators, and tinkerers—and about ways we can both contribute to this larger community as well.

So in addition to what you can usually expect from Gandi, this month we also joined some of you for drinks in Dublin at Websummit, open sourced a few of our projects and introduced Bitcoin as a payment method. This month we also have a bundled deal on two iconic tech TLDs.


1. New open source projects: and Packet-journey


As many of you may be aware, we are committed to the idea of open source. As such, when we need a new tool, we first turn to the Open Source community to see if one already exists. In some cases, though, we can't find exactly what we need. This was the case with the status page on our site (, which we needed to be able to keep you all informed in all possible channels of the status of our services.

So when we found we couldn't accomplish this with any existing Open Source solutions, we developed our own. We called our little sapling Baobab.

And now that it's up and has been working how we want it to work for awhile now, we decided it's about time to set it free so that it can grow into the kind of majestic, old tree it's named for (Baobab, image search it if you don't know). The code is on GitHub.

We also released Packet-journey, a userland router which uses DPDK for its fastpath switching.


2. Bitcoin payments are live


This past month we joined a growing number of merchants, in meatspace as well as cyber space, who have embraced Bitcoin.

It's been exciting to hear the positive reactions so far and we're hoping that as more of your domains come up for renewal that an increasing number of those renewals make use of our Bitcoin payment option.

Bitcoin payment with Gandi works like any other payment method. Just select Bitcoin for your payment method next time you check out; the conversion will be made by our Bitcoin provider according to the currency of your account. Find out more here.


3. High Price of Cheap


If you're reading this, you probably already know we're not really into buying up billboard space and plastering ourselves all over bus stops. It's just not our style. We rely on having a product that works how people want it to and of course has a  low tolerance for bullshit. And that's where you come in; we do all our promotion via word-of-mouth.

But when you talk us up--and we hope we've gained your trust enough that you do recommend us--maybe you've heard something along the lines of "Gandi is great, but expensive." Well, we got tired of hearing that and decided to look into it, and the results surprised even us: if there's an objective measure by which we aren't actually one of the cheapest options available, we'd like to hear about it.

Furthermore, we'll raise it even more: not only do we actually offer the lowest price in most cases, but we do it with a clear conscience. In other words, in most cases, "cheap" comes at a price. And that's why we put together this guide to name some of the tricks out there, as well as the value of a Gandi domain.

So next time you come across someone waffling between Gandi and a "cheap" domain, feel free to point them to our post.


4. Gandi at TechWeek LA


In this day and age, startups come and go like so many waves on a Santa Monica beach. But which ones will stick? Is it a completely new idea that nobody ever thought of, or something so obvious that nobody every bothered to pay attention to it? A new method of sharing, purchasing, selling, contributing, creating? Perhaps it’s the same ol’ same ol’ with a much nicer interface and experience.

Well, that’s what we went to find out at TechWeek LA in Santa Monica. It started off with a classic Californian yoga session to get the juices flowin’ and our minds alert (not to mention the following 8 hours of listening to young entrepreneurs, each as excited as the next to showcase that hot new idea that's going to revolutionize the way we _______ [fill in the blank]). The event was held on the Pier so the setting was pretty unique.

We attended very interesting talks and panels on Launching IoT devices, design insights, being creative with open source, how AI will impact privacy and digital identities, and many other very interesting topics. Unfortunately, we must admit, the talks were way too short (averaging 20 minutes each!) so as soon as you were getting into it, CUT! commercial break, next topic... Ugh, so LA!

TechWeek LA was a great way to find out what entrepreneurs are passionate about and what solutions they are coming up with to solve today’s issues. It gave us an opportunity to understand why they have worked countless hours on their apps, devices, solution services, etc and inspired us evermore to stay connected with this innovative community. And of course, we got to talk to some great potential partners that felt the same way.

Shout out to Sari Delmar, whose musician branding and PR startup AB Co. ( spurred a fascinating conversation on the future of music, including how open source might be an interesting monkey wrench thrown into the music industry. Cheers, Sari! 


5. A .tech for every .io


And before we get into this month's new gTLDs and our other promos we have planned, we wanted to highlight one in particular that's close to our hearts. This month (until December 10th) when you buy a .io domain, you'll get a code for a .tech domain from us by email. With the holidays approaching, a .io or a .tech domain would make great virtual stocking stuffers.

Find out more here.


6. November New gTLD Calendar


Here's the provisional calendar for new TLD releases in November. Some have already happened, and some are sure to happen. Others, may or may not happen. Kind of like life, you know? At any rate, this is how it looks to us right now:

Prices are for a 1-year creation unless otherwise specified. Timezone is PST:

Wednesday, November 4

  * .SEX enters GoLive at 17:00 ($127.59 per year at A rates)

Monday, November 9

  * .TRADING enters GoLive at 01:00

Tuesday, November 10

  * .FAMILY enters Sunrise at 18:00

Monday, November 16

  * .CLOUD enters Sunrise at 16:00

Tuesday, November 17

  * .REIT enters Sunrise at 15:00

  * .BROKER enters GoLive at 01:00

  * .XN--RHQV96G enters GoLive at 13:00

  * .FOREX enters GoLive at 01:00 ($1152.19 per year at A rates)

  * .VIN enters Sunrise at 17:00

  * .WINE enters Sunrise at 17:00

Wednesday, November 18

  * .XN--45Q11C enters GoLive at 07:00

Thursday, November 19

  * .EARTH enters GoLive at 17:00 ($31.15 per year at A rates)


7. November Promo Round-up


.ONLINE: Get in line to go online with a great flash promotion to close out the GoLive promotion on .online: just $4.99 per year.

.EU: Show some love for Europe until the end of 2015 with this great deal on .eu domains. 

 * .eu creations are $7.50 (normally $15.00)

.TECH: Already on sale, for a limited time, .tech is available at a truly disruptive price. 

 * .tech creations are $9.99 (normally $60.79)

.CM: Short for Cameroon (and with imagination a few other things), .cm is on sale for $16.50 until January 31st. 

 * .cm creations are $16.50 (normally $94.00)

 * .cm transfers are $16.50 (normally $94.00)

 * .cm renews are $16.50 (normally $94.00)

.IRISH: .irish is on sale until December 31 for $15.00 because it doesn't have to be March to talk about all things Irish. 

 * .irish creations are $15.00 (normally $47.82)

.XYZ: Cool kids of the alphabet, .xyz, are on sale again, this time for $5.00 for one year for a new .xyz domain. 

 * .xyz GoLive creations are $5.00 (normally $13.63)

.HOST, .PRESS: more than just your friends and .host more than a party this winter with this great promotion until January 15 

 * .host GoLive creations are $17.99 (normally $124.93)

 * .host renews are $44.99 (normally $124.93)

 * .press GoLive creations are $19.99 (normally $94.97)

 * .press renews are $34.99 (normally $94.97)

.LOL: Who better than lolcats to promote .lol? That's why we shamelessly exploited one of the most infuriorating memes for the grammar police for this announcement. 

 * .lol GoLive creations are $4.14 (normally $41.41)

.NEWS: is offering a new .news promotion: 50% off the first year 

 * .news GoLive creations are $15.57 (normally $31.15)

.BEER, .VODKA, .YOGA, .FASHION, .GARDEN, .COOKING, .FIT, .RODEO, .SURF, .FISHING, .HORSE: 50-75% off a delightful selection of TLDs from Minds + Machines Registry

.TOP: Creations and renewals of domains in the .top top-level domain are now on sale until the end of the year! 

 * .top GoLive creations are $1.99 (normally $12.52)

.INFO: Infomaniacs rejoice! The .info extension is 40% off until the end of the year! 

 * .info GoLive creations are $9.93 (normally $16.55)

.ME: New .ME domains can be registered for $14.40 until the end of the year. 

 * .me creations are $14.40 (normally $24.00)


 * .ws creations are $11.00 (normally $33.00)


 * .space creations are $2.49 (normally $12.97)


 * .io transfers are $24.00 (normally $34.00)

.CLUB: New .club registrations are 20% off all year long. 

 * .club creations are $10.74 (normally $13.43)

.PRO: Gandi is happy to offer a promotion from Afilias, the .PRO registry. 

 * .pro GoLive creations are $12.00 (normally $20.00)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

You can also reach us at:

Find us online: Twitter, Facebook, or Google+, MeetUp, and in the #gandi channel on the Freenode IRC network.

All the best,

- The Gandi Team

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