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Newsletter September 2015: new node.js functionality, .sex at Gandi, and lots of promos..

1. Improvements to NodeJS platform on Simple Hosting
2. Come try out Version 7 of Gandi Site
3. .SEX on sale
4. New gTLD releases calendar for September
5. Featured promos .PW, .SPACE, .WEBSITE, and .SITE and more
6. .TECH Party in San Francisco
7. OpenLate in San Francisco (Sept 22)
8. September promo roundup
It's getting to be the end of the summer season, but just as Dylan Thomas said, we are not going gently into this good night (of fall). Here at Gandi, we are determined to get the most out of the last vestiges of summer. That's why we are launching a huge, huge, HUGE number of promos this month. It's incredible, dear customers, just how many deals we have running. We almost don't know where to begin!

As great as these promos are, of course they are pretty easy for us to do, as an administrative task. Our tech team is not to be outdone, however, and you will see we are launching a lot of new gTLDs this month as well, including .sex, brought to you by the same registry as .xxx, .porn, and .adult. It's in Sunrise this month, and won't be generally  available until November 4, so don't get too excited just yet. Still,  for those of you with brands to protect, now would be a good time to  contact our Corporate Services team to get your trademarks registered  in these potentially controversial, sensitive, and if not damaging then  at least potentially confusing TLDs.

Just in time for those end-of-summer sales on sporting goods, we are seeing .SKI going live, and on the West Coast .TECH is having a party! We are hosting, and you, friends, are invited. If you aren't able to come, well, watch for a .TECH promo for programmers week coming up. Did we mention there are a huge amount of promos this month? We did...

We are also upgrading all the things... This month we are settling in to  a new version of Gandi Site, and offering a month of the new version  for just $1 - a great way to try it out!

If you are the kind of person who likes to meet your business partners face-to-face, we are going to be at Strange Loop in St. Louis, and of course we will be getting to more meetings in the fall conference season.

We also have a special place in our hearts this month for the Open Source Initiative (OSI), who just migrated to Gandi for hosting their  open source advocacy sites. Go OSI!

1. Improvements to NodeJS platform on Simple Hosting
To start off with, we have some good news for NodeJS users who have a Simple Hosting instance that runs NodeJS applications. We are currently phasing in an upgrade to the NodeJS Simple Hosting platform which will allow running start scripts (in other words, there will no longer be any need boot your NodeJS applications using a 'server.js' file on the root of your project.

Now you can use a package.json file to control the way your application starts. Specifically, this allows the use of start scripts. For more information on this improvement, please see the following post:

2. Come try out Version 7 of Gandi Site
For those of you who may have opted for the more beginner-friendly Gandi Site platform for hosting with Gandi, you may have noticed that we recently upgraded the underlying BaseKit software behind Gandi Site from version 6 to version 7. The upgrade was a major overhaul of the underlying software as well as the templates which, notably, now creates a responsive version of your page for desktop, tablet, and smartphone.

We wanted to give our customers a fair chance to try out this new version at their leisure without having to worry about affecting their live site, so this month we are offering you all the opportunity to try out the new Gandi Site for just $1.00 for a month. This promo lasts until September 30, though, so if you want to take advantage of it, be sure to do so as soon as possible:

3. .SEX on sale: first-come, first-served (no pun intended)
Well, it's time for the obligatory .sex plug, so to speak. What we're  trying to say is that since September 1st, a new gTLD, .sex, has been  available for registration in the Sunrise phase (i.e. limited to those  with TMCH claims) on a first-come, first-served basis. As you may know,  we like to pride ourselves on being a class act, but this gTLD has been  just har--difficult to promote without it seeming dirty. A whole world of double-entendre has opened up to us since this extension entered Sunrise and we've been trying our best to navigate that minefield with as few slip-ups as possible, but it can be tough.

So to avoid accidentally making any other silly puns on the subject, we suggest you instead take a look at our post from last week:

4. New gTLD releases calendar for September
Here once again is the provisional calendar for new TLD releases in September. This is how it looks to us right now:

Monday 7th :  
.swiss (Sunrise)
(note: it hasn't happened yet. Stay tuned)

Tuesday  8th :  
.ski (Go-Live)   

Wednesday 9th :  
.taipei (Go-Live)   

Wednesday 16th :  
.men (Go-Live)   

Friday 18th :  
.mom (Sunrise)   

Sunday 20th :  
.tickets (Landrush)   

Monday 21st :  
.tickets (Go-Live)  
.rent (3-day Landrush)   

Tuesday 22nd :  
.srl (Sunrise)   

Wednesday 23rd :  
.courses (Go-Live)  
.earth (Sunrise)   

Thursday 24th :  
.rent (Go-Live)   

Tuesday 29th :  
.college (Go-Live)

5. Featured promos: .PW, .SPACE, .WEBSITE, and .SITE and more
Yes, we know, we have promos every month (or just about), but these four
seem to go together in that they all relate to building web sites. Why is that especially important? Well, see the item on Gandi Site version 7 for that. When making your site, why not choose a domain that lets people know where they are? Your site!

Promo on
This corner of the Internet is where the cool people register domains: a great alternative to the .COM space, .CO.COM is like the part of town with all the cool new coffee shops and thrift stores and record shops. If .com is the mall, is where you go hang out on a Friday night in leather jackets and skinny jeans.

But don't wait for to get all full of poseurs and wannabes to stake out a claim. Get one now while it's still hot:

.LOL is a great domain
 L     __/   [] \    
LOL=== __        \
 L       \________]
          I   I

This ROFLcopter is here not just as the ghost of Internet memes past (we
got tired of lolcats) but also to deliver an important reminder that a
great promotion is currently going on for .lol domains. While this promotion seems like a joke, it's totally not (we swear): instead of $41.41 per year (at A rates), .lol domains are available until the end of the year for just $4.14. Find out more about this great promo here:

Lots more promos
This month and next. .BIO is on promotion:

.DATE, .FAITH, .REVIEW are only $1:

.ONLINE adds a certain special something:

.MX is a great deal:

.NEWS is new, and celebrating:

.win GoLive creations are $1.00 (normally $41.37):

There are more yet. See the roundup below!

8. .TECH Party in San Francisco
If you are an Internet pioneer, and you work in the San Francisco, join and the .tech squad for a pioneering innovators party! September 24th in the Gandi San Francisco Offices. See you there!

9. OpenLate in San Francisco (Sept 22)
The OpenLate meetup provides an evening hack lounge with themed tech talks, usually held at the OpenDNS office in San Francisco. However, our friends at OpenDNS are currently remodeling their office, so this month, we'll be hosting OpenLate at our San Francisco office on Tuesday, September 22.

The quality of the OpenLate tech talks is always excellent. We hope
you'll join us!

10. The promo roundup

The generic wonderland of domains is greatly enhanced by the .XYZ TLD. We are seeing a lot of big companies getting .XYZ domains for new projects and ideas, and this month you can too. It's just $1.50 until the end of September for 1-year creations.

The TLDs .PHOTO and .SEXY are 50% off for all one-year creations, until September 15th. These go together, somehow...

The .TOP TLD has a unique promotion on creations AND renewals, until the end of the year:

.ME too! You can pick up a new .ME domain for 40% off until the end of the year. That's just $14.40, instead of the normal $24.

Over at the .CLUB, it's a sweet deal. Until the end of the year, you can get your new .CLUB registered for just $10.74.

As we said, we have a huge number of promos running. We really don't have space to list them all here, but in total there are over 45 TLDs with some kind of promotional pricing this month at Gandi. That's got to be some kind of record. Check out our pricing page for more info:

Once again, dear reader, it's time to close our newsletter with a plea (or request, or just a mention, really) for our desire to hear your feedback at We always welcome your letters, and we read all of them (honest!). So why not let us know how you really feel?

You can also reach us at:
Twitter [],
Facebook [],
Google+ []
and on the #gandi channel on freenode. \o/

All the best,
- The Gandi Team

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