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Python 3.2 now available on Simple Hosting


We're happy to announce Beta support for Python 3.2 on Python Simple Hosting instances!

It's easy to select your version on current or new Python instances. Python 2.7 remains the default and therefore no change is needed if you don't wish to upgrade.

To specify which version of Python you want to use, add a `gandi.yml` file at the root of your application code and include the following information:

   # ./gandi.yml
     version: 3.2 # or 2.7

Check out the documentation for the Python Simple Hosting instance for more information.

Be on the lookout for any odd behavior or regressions during the Beta period and please contact us at `` in case of problems.

Remember that our Support team is always here for you and that you can pop into our IRC channel at `#gandi-hosting` on `` and talk directly to fellow customers and our developers.

P.S. In case you missed it, we recently released the Gandi CLI, which is also written in Python. We <3 pull requests!