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September 2014 Newsletter: The Internet Slowdown, New US services, .MX is having a big promo, and Wordpress 4 is available...


  1. Battle for the Net!
  2. New Gandi US enhancements
  3. September new gTLD Release Calendar
  4. EURid planned outage
  5. WordPress 4.0 on Simple Hosting
  6. Promo roundup

Today, Gandi wants you to know about the Internet Slowdown, which is a part of the Battle for the Net. This action today is to call attention to the fact that the FCC is considering rules that will make it easier for big cable services like Verizon and Comcast to charge content providers for "fast lanes." It's a fast lane for those who pay up, and everyone else goes slow.

We will also be at #hack4good this weekend in San Francisco, making a difference for climate change.

The month of September is a busy one for new Top-Level domains in Europe, with the GoLive of .LONDON, .PARIS, .BZH, .BRUSSELS, .VLAADEREN, .COLOGNE, .KOELN and more. The US will have its share of fun, with some Western-style domains like .VEGAS, .RODEO, .HORSE, and .FISHING all going live, and of course that's not all...

A new promotion on .MX is also available this month - don't miss out on huge savings there.

We have enhanced our US operations to give you better support in western time zones, and to smooth out billing for US and Canadian customers.

This is also the last month you can take advantage of an incredible 50% off on .US!

Simple Hosting gets more useful this month, with an updated version of the WordPress installation tutorial to celebrate the release of WordPress 4.0! As you have come to expect, at the end of this newsletter you will find a roundup of current promotions available on

1 Battle for the Net!

Today, we ask you to join us in making sure Congress, the White House and the FCC understand how you feel about their proposal to eliminate Net Neutrality. For details, see our blog post

2 New Gandi US Enhancements

For some time now, we have been working on solving the issue of payment to Gandi from US banks. Some of you have seen your perfectly good credit cards get turned down when you tried to pay us, and you let us know. Well, we have done something about it! US and Canadian customers can now pay for Gandi's services directly into US banks, thanks to the newly enabled subsidiary company, Gandi US! But that's not all: We are also adding staff to our US support team, and enhancing what we can do for Western-hemisphere customers. See this blog post.

3 September new gTLD Release Calendar

While Europe is being showered with regional TLDs, loads of domains that relate to life in the US are making their appearances as well. IN fact, .life itself is starting a landrush period on the 14th, along with .church and .loans. Speaking of financial gTLDs, .accountants, .digital, .finance, and .insure are all going live on the 10th, and many more are pending.

Here is a provisional schedule of new gTLD releases for the month of September 2014. As usual, check our news feed for the latest information, since registries can change things at any time.

Monday 8 (Landrush):


Tuesday 9: (GoLive):




Wednesday 10 (GoLive):


Sunday 14 (3-day Landrush):


Monday 15 (GoLive):


Wednesday 17 (GoLive):


Sunday 21 (3-day Landrush):


Wednesday 24 (GoLive):


Thursday 25 (GoLive):


Sunday 28th (3-day Landrush):


Tuesday 30 (GoLive):


4 EURid planned outage

EURid, the registry for .EU, is planning a big upgrade to its IT platform. Their services will be unavailable for 57 hours, from midnight on Sept. 13th to 9:00 am on the 15th, Central European time. During this period .EU domains will still work, however, it will not be possible to create, transfer, renew or make DNS changes to such domains. We recommend you make any modifications, purchases, or renewals before (or after) this outage, especially for operations like transfers and renewals which can be time-sensitive.

5 WordPress 4.0 on Simple Hosting

The highly anticipated new release 4.0 of the WordPress blogging and content management system was released last week. For more about WordPress 4.0 and a handy tutorial on installing it, read this post.

6 Promo Roundup

Here's a summary of the promotions we have running on domain names:

We want to hear from you! Let us know your thoughts, hopes, and dreams for a better world at

All the best, The Gandi Team

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