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On Security at Part I

Much has been made lately about stealthy hackers stealing domains, websites, Twitter handles, and even Gandi accounts (or trying to). In this series, we want to share a story or two, and let you know what we think about how to keep your account secure, what we do for your security, and what you can do for your security at

CNET: Gandi protects your domain!

Case 1. January 24th, 2007:
Fyodor woke up to learn that GoDaddy suspended his highly-popular domain,, without warning because of content posted in one of the mailing lists that his site archives (more).

Case 2. January 19th, 2007:
Website designer "X" received a telephone call from Gandi informing them that the site of one of their clients was hacked and being used as part of a phishing scheme; this call was followed by an e-mail telling them where the file was so they could delete it, which they did within the hour.