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Newsletter September 2015: new node.js functionality, .sex at Gandi, and lots of promos..

It's getting to be the end of the summer season, but just as Dylan Thomas said, we are not going gently into this good night (of fall). Here at Gandi, we are determined to get the most out of the last vestiges of summer. That's why we are launching a huge, huge, HUGE number of promos this month. It's incredible, dear customers, just how many deals we have running. We almost don't know where to begin!

As great as these promos are, of course they are pretty easy for us to do, as an administrative task. Our tech team is not to be outdone, however, and you will see we are launching a lot of new gTLDs this month as well, including .sex, brought to you by the same registry as .xxx, .porn, and .adult. It's in Sunrise this month, and won't be generally  available until November 4, so don't get too excited just yet. Still,  for those of you with brands to protect, now would be a good time to  contact our Corporate Services team to get your trademarks registered  in these potentially controversial, sensitive, and if not damaging then  at least potentially confusing TLDs.

Just in time for those end-of-summer sales on sporting goods, we are seeing .SKI going live, and on the West Coast .TECH is having a party! We are hosting, and you, friends, are invited. If you aren't able to come, well, watch for a .TECH promo for programmers week coming up. Did we mention there are a huge amount of promos this month? We did...

We are also upgrading all the things... This month we are settling in to  a new version of Gandi Site, and offering a month of the new version  for just $1 - a great way to try it out!

If you are the kind of person who likes to meet your business partners face-to-face, we are going to be at Strange Loop in St. Louis, and of course we will be getting to more meetings in the fall conference season.

We also have a special place in our hearts this month for the Open Source Initiative (OSI), who just migrated to Gandi for hosting their  open source advocacy sites. Go OSI!

Picking a domain name for your business

There are a lot of things to think about when you are starting a business. What should you use for a source of initial funds? Should you borrow money? Ask your mother? Get seed capital? What about marketing your service or product? Do you want to advertise? Where? Who do you network with? Oh, and a web site… you need one, right? One of the first things entrepreneurs do when starting a business is to come up with a great business name. After a late night or two of brainstorming with friends and colleagues, you might think you have captured the essence of your idea in a word you made up or translated into Greek or Latin. The name of a business is important, and conveys, in a word, the soul of what you do. What about the domain name? Drat! It’s taken!

Gandi SiteMaker competition - Spring 2009

Spring is here! Spirits are lifted and it is time to enjoy fun in the sun, and sharing colorful postcards all over the web! This is why we have launched our second Gandi SiteMaker competition with the theme: Vacation get-aways!

Is there a special place where you dream of spending your vacation more than anywhere else in the world? Do you want to share it with everyone so that they too can have a wonderful time?

Create a website about this dream location using Gandi SiteMaker and you might win a E.P.C Inspiron Mini9 offered by our partner, Dell, as well as a free year's subscription to Gandi SiteMaker Pro.
To participate, you simply need to have an available Free Gandi SiteMaker plan. We will only accept sites made using the free version of Gandi SiteMaker, so that everyone has the same chances of winning. If you would like a quick example of one, here is one that I made in under 2 hours (I am slow), only using elements available in the Free pack, as well as some personal photos.

Your websites will be judged on the following criteria:

General ergonomics, the graphic cohesion of the site, originality, clarity of information, final touches, and finally, the warmth that it gives off! We want you to give us the desire to go there and to dream of a vacation at that spot.

As we enjoy visiting your websites at Gandi, our entire staff will be voting on the websites. For once, it will be us that judge your work... ;)

Ah, there is one more thing! The goal of this type of competition is to make the internet more colorful, and so let your imagination run free! We are not limiting the number of websites allowed and you can even make your website on one page if you want. And as always, we are keeping the competition fun and laid-back. There are no rules, no lawyers, etc. We are just doing this out of pleasure and as among friends; Fewer rules means more fun :)

The competition has already begun, and it will end on June 30tht. Please send your website address to us at

As for us, we will be putting on our sunglasses!

The current competitors are: