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Newsletter January 2015: NamesCon, a smarter domain search, and loads of new gTLDs

Gandi would like to wish all of you a happy new year, with best wishes and many thanks to all of you for being our customer. 2014 was a phenomenal year for us, and we finished it off by sending the donations from our December campaign with .xyz to Creative Commons, FreeBSD and Fight for the Future.

In 2015, we will be here to help you in your online endeavors, whether it's growing your online business, updating your blog, renewing your domains or deploying your web app. And to help you navigate the seas of new gTLDs, we are rolling out a new TLD suggestion engine--see below for details. You will also find our provisional January gTLD release calandar, advice on the price of .NET, and our promos for the year (there are some great ones!

The Importance of Our Customers

Now that the redesign of our backend system is nearly complete, it's time to move on to the phase we've been internally calling Gandi V4. It will consist of an optimization of our website (for speed, usability, etc) and the introduction of Domain name and Web Hosting tools and web interfaces that some of you have been requesting for months, or even, in some cases, for years.

Customer satisfaction index at Gandi

At Gandi, our customers are our best advocates.

We do not put out any advertisements, contrary to our competitors, to sell our services. We rely on satisfied customers to be our sales force. Our objective is to concentrate on your satisfaction, not to pay for television ads or armies of sales representatives to recruit new customers.

This policy keeps us focused on quality. This is why we monitor your level of satisfaction carefully and do everything possible to treat you as we would like to be treated ourselves. Put simply, your satisfaction is an essential part of our success and our future. So how do we calculate this index?

Gandi support wants you!

In light of our wonderful expansion (thank you!) and our goal to continue to you to provide the best customer support available, we are actively seeking two enthusiastic people who would like to join or Customer Care team!

We are seeking two profiles in particular: a native English speaker (or truly bilingual), and someone with experience in domain names, nameservers, BIND syntax...

Missing Gandi Customer Care Replies

This may just very well be the first blog entry that the support staff (Angela, Carole, Françoise, Jana, Nadine, Ryan, Sam, and Soraya) has addressed to you all via a special blog entry, and this, on a the matter that is the most important to all of us: customer satisfaction at Gandi!

Let me begin by thanking all of our customers (you!) for the wonderful, sometimes humorous and occasionally heated support e-mails that we receive each day from around the world via our online support form. It is really nice to be in contact with you and to see who make up the Gandi community. :)