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Gandi has arrived in the UK!

The Gandi UK team has opened the doors to business! Jolly good show. The first thing you'll notice is the new 'US flag' on the gandi website (I thought Gandi UK was launching?!?). Well that's because the Union Jack (or is it the Union Flag?) now points to the UK English version of the Gandi site and the proud Stars and Stripes points to the international English version. Why not take a look.

But what does it all mean to me? Well here's a summary for you.

Gandi is coming to the UK

Yes that's right, Gandi is coming to the UK! But wait you ask, haven't we always been here anyway? Well yes, you're right we have. It is true that Gandi already has thousands of UK customers, with tens of thousands of domains registered, and a sister company located in the UK (, but we don't feel we've ever given the UK as much love and attention as it deserves. So like a friendly cousin that lives just across the Channel in France, we're packing our bags, saying 'au revoir' to mummy and daddy Gandi, and moving to London!

So what does this mean for you? It means a dedicated UK team based in London working to support our UK Gandi customers and promote our ethical domain and cutting edge hosting services to new faces far and wide. The UK Gandi team will be keen to get your feedback on what you like about Gandi and what you think we could do better. We'll be taking our popular Gandi supports policy to the UK which has the goal of helping businesses that share our vision for the internet to get started online (please contact us if you think you’d be a good UK candidate for Gandi supports).

And what is our vision for the internet you may well ask? We intend to continue Gandi’s tradition of challenging the status quo, sticking to what we believe are ethical business practices and codes of conduct and always providing high quality products and services.

And we speak English-English! None of this fancy French-English, or "where's the 'u' gone?" US-English. Just plain old "May I have a cup of tea?" English as the Queen intended (though we don't believe she's a Gandi customer. Yet.).

So there you have it, Gandi is coming the UK: the new arrival of an old friend, it's as if we've always been here...looking forward to catching up with you soon.