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Why choose Simple Hosting for your website?

We're glad you asked!

More and more customers want to know how Gandi Simple Hosting differs from shared hosting offered elsewhere. We know our platform can seem a bit alien compared to other webhosts, and we promise to provide the more detailed technical description we think it deserves very soon.

In the meantime, here are the basics that make us different.

Want us to move your website for you?

Website migration, now here is a vast subject that often causes webmasters to hesitate when thinking about changing web hosts. If you don't have the experience or time necessary for such a change, migrating a website from one provider to another can quickly turn into a nightmare...

This is why we are looking to put into place such a service at a manual migration of your website from your current host to that is handled by an experienced team that specializes in just that.

The idea is for us to start by evaluating the demand and the extra workload for this type of service, as well as customer feedback and satisfaction.

The limitations will be: no bank payment module, database other than the one used by the CMS, one domain and subdomain, and up to 25 POP or IMAP email addresses.

If your website does not meet these criteria, don't worry: you can still contact us at this address and give us a description of your service (websites, servers, complex architecture...) so that we can provide you with a personalized price quote.

We are going to begin with a test and evaluation phase, that is exclusively designed for websites that will be moved to Gandi Simple Hosting instances (PaaS) and will only be for websites written in HTML and the following popular CMS and blog platforms

  • Joomla
  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Typo3
  • DotClear
  • iWeb

This service will be offered for $65 (€50, or £45) excl. VAT, and will be carried out by one of Gandi's partners, "Web site migration service".

If you are interested by this service then send us a mail at with:

  • the URL of your website
  • the name of the current provider as well as the offer you are currently using
  • the type of website (HTML, CMS, or other)
  • the version of CMS used
  • the number of email mailboxes to migrate
  • all the information that you feel is necessary for us to see whether or not it will be possible for us to move your website to our infrastructure.

Then, when all is ready, you will need to provide our partner with the following information:

1) Source data (your former web host):

  • provider name, pack, login access
  • domain name, login access (if not at Gandi)
  • type of website, name, CMS, version, and additional modules
  • FTP, SFTP, and/or SSH login codes
  • MySQL/phpMyAdmin login codes
  • for email mailboxes: list of accounts, aliases, user names and passwords

2) Target data (Gandi Simple Hosting):

  • SFTP and MySql login codes for you instance

This of course implies that you have a Gandi Simple Hosting instance available.

Once your request has been validated by our service, we will provide you with an invoice for it at the price quoted above (in the event of a standard migration), and the migration will start as soon as we have received payment. If your request does not fall within the standard package, our partner will provide you with a migration price quote.

Once the migration has been completed at a test URL (your website will continue to remain live at the original address), you will be asked to definitively validate the migration. Once done, the domain name will switch to the website's new installation.

Warning: the offer is only for website migration, and is in no way a service for the management, optimization, or version upgrade etc. of you website.

Your first monthly share 100% refundable! Money back whether you like it or not ;-)

This operation ended on August 24th, 2010 and is no longer in effect.

Note: I am republishing this entry, because of the number of customers that are writing to us to express their surprise at the fact that they are not being charged for the renewal of their first share. As a reminder, your first monthly share is refunded whether you decide to keep it or not. So if you don't keep your share, we'll refund the cost of the first month, but if you do keep it, we'll renew it for the second month for nothing.

To help you test our hosting service without any risk, your first hosting share is 100% refundable! Which means you'll get your money back on your first share whether you stay with our service or not!!

(No, there's no fine print that says that this is only available for the next two days, 4 hours and 24 seconds, and if you have an IP address that ends in 256 and only if you have Hungarian nationality on your mothers' side and Finnish on your fathers... it really is for everyone ;-) )

Gandi AI 1.2 - update available

A new version of Gandi AI, labeled 1.2, is currently available via the server module management page of your account. This version corrects many bugs and imperfections that were present in version 1.1. It also significantly improves the performance of Apache due to the replacement of the mpm-itk module by a per-user module.

We are also going to take advantage of this upgrade to implement two additional modules:

  • PunBB, an efficient open-source forum that is solid, light, and written in PHP
  • Magento, a (the?) open-source platform that allows you to create an online store. Many add-ons are available on the MagentoConnect platform, such as the possibility of customizing the design of your store, changing the language of your interface, or to activate the payment platform of your preference. Also note that Magento needs 2 to 3 shares to run correctly.

Set up your server at

Hosting - server performance statistics

The best way to see if your server is doing well and check that you have optimized its power is to have server statistics!

We finally have some nice graphs that let you see your server's CPU usage, network traffic, and your disk's read-write usage. These graphs will give you precious information on how your server is used, and when various usage peaks or low-points occur, so that you can optimize your services - with our VPS hosting service you can add and remove shares without taking your service off-line and use our 'flex' shares to plan for peaks.

Below is an example of a server that is "active". You can see that the processor is only using on average 16% to 18% of its power (over a 24-hour period), with a peak at 40%. The server is running on 2 shares, and is therefore the hosting is clearly too powerful for its current needs:

Hosting improvements - more, more, more

So here we are, proud parents of the Gandi hosting infrastructure. Our little baby has now been live (or alive) for 4 months now since the full launch on 1st Oct. Like any new parent everything is possible for our hosting baby, and the future is really exciting. But also like any new parent, there is lots to learn and always things to be done.

Why virtualisation is the future of web hosting

As you know we've been working on our hosting product at Gandi for 2 years now and getting the technology right was very important for us. If we don't believe in what we're doing we can't expect you to too. Now we've fully launched our virtualised hosting offer based on Xen technology and have 5000 customers already upon us, so we hope this is some indication that we're getting it right. But why did we choose virtualisation? Because it is the future for web hosting. Why is it the future of web hosting? Because it can do anything other types of hosting can, but with greater flexibility, more resilience and often cheaper too.

Gandi hosting, no longer quite so beta...

We have grown, and we have burned
We have worked and we have learned
And now our new service is ready to
Present as a final gift to you!

Granted, I was not hired to be a poet. Still, my heart is lifted at the very thought of how much progress our superb team of developers has made!

And all this just to bring you up-to-date on the latest developments in our hosting offer!

Gandi Hosting is now on beta testing by invitation

Though our hosting service has been in the beta testing phase since the beginning of the year, this has not kept it from being a huge success: we currently count 7,000 servers that have been created by our customers!

This phase of our beta testing period helped us identify problems that arise during the use of several thousand servers on our architecture, something that could not be done in a test environment.

We would like to thank all of you that have given us your trust and who contributed to this important validation of technology that has been clearly identified by all (customers, experts, sector specialists) as being the future of web hosting for the "general public", private individuals, and companies alike.

We now have a sufficient number of customers that are experimenting with the service, so that we can finalize our service. Now it is time for us to proceed with the last batch of tests and developments so that we can do some fine tuning before the final release.

This is therefore a new step for Gandi Hosting.

The objective of a Beta version is to identify the most significant problems and to fix them while at the same time maintaining operational goals (excellent level of service and product performance, while remaining profitable).

The next step, which is right before the final release, will allow our engineers to concentrate on a phase of stabilization and optimization, without having to juggle the frequent maintenance operations which is the normal consequence of having several thousand customers, even in beta testing. Because, as you know, we believe so much at Gandi in going a good job that we make it a point of honor to not hide behind this reality, which is beta testing.

This is therefore the reason why we have put on hold the creation of new hosting accounts automatically. They can be created by invitation only until tomorrow.

As a note to reassure our existing customers: we are not going to delete any account, nor cut any existing service, we are just going to concentrate our efforts on creating an irreproachable service that will be ready in its final version in the Fall.

For those of you that would like to know the details: we are currently working on improving overall performance, stability, disk access redundancy, network stability, and improvements to the Gandi interface. Current performance is good, but can be better, and so we will be focused on that this summer.

It will be hot this summer, and it will be beautiful - but fall will be even more so :D

P.S. We will give out invitations depending on the nature of the requests sent to the usual e-mail address of Gandi management. Please note that they are very limited in number.