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Gandi has a New T-Shirt: Gandi Invaders!

Our erstwhile in-house artist, Steven, was inspired to make a new t-shirt design by his years at Atari (or was it years playing Atari?). Anyway, we now have a great new way for you to express your displeasure with the invasion of bullshit nagging offers you get with other hosting and domain registrar companies. Who is the savior? An 8-bit Gandi!

Gandi helps to found the Internet Infrastructure Coalition

A new organization is forming to fight for a free and open internet. Gandi is proud to be a founding member!

The Internet Infrastructure Coalition ( has been created by more than 40 leading companies in the hosting industry. The mission is to help protect the Internet from improperly formulated regulation, like the SOPA/PIPA and CISPA legislation in the US, and to drive the investment, innovation, and openness that allows the Internet to be an engine for continued growth.

Of course, Gandi is a founding member!

Gandi took a position opposing SOPA and PIPA, and more recently CISPA. Our joining together with other organizations that also opposed this flawed legislation gives Gandi more of a voice in shaping policy, and helps us to achieve our goal of keeping the Internet safe for the free flow of information.

Gandi cares about our customers rights, and we want to see all our customers have a safe, rich, and uncensored online experience. These goals are shared by the I2C, who has made part of it's mission the education of law and policy makers about issues of privacy, freedom of information, security, and innovation. We at Gandi look forward to contributing our perspective to this important, powerful industry group.

Gandi Stands in Opposition to CISPA

Some of you may have heard about the Stop Online Piracy Act, or SOPA. Gandi took a position against this legislation for good reasons. The US Congress is once again considering acts that abrogate existing privacy law on the Internet, this time in the name of stopping cyber attacks. One particularly heinous act is called CISPA, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act.

How to turn your website into a "Web Infrastructure"

Many websites start with a single server solution, a box acting as a web server and database server all in one. Simply, easy, cheap. The problem comes when traffic gets too high (a victim of their own success!). Many customers want a bigger box, but the answer is actually changing your architecture from "web server" to "web infrastructure". You can duplicate web servers, use the DNS to load balance them and ramp up your capacity very fast and very far.

Demotix wins Guardian Independent Media Award!!

You may remember we recently told you about, a citizen journalism website and photo agency, which is one of the companies supported by Gandi.

Well they've just won the Guardian newspaper Independent Media Award!! This is a fantastic recognition for demotix who are starting to make inroads to the heavily dominated media industry. More and more of their photos and stories, provided by real people all over the world, are starting to find their way into the traditional press, and this accolade from one of the most respected UK newspapers will do a lot to support this progress.

Well done Demotix!

Gandi supports

As many of you may know Gandi likes to put its money where its mouth is (not literally, as most coins are actually quite unhygienic, but that's another story). But it does mean that we provide support to other companies that are doing exciting work to provide credible alternatives for customers often in industries with well established monopolies.

So we are very proud to be able to extend this support to who describe themselves as a citizen-journalism website and photo agency. Demotix takes user-generated content and photos from freelance journalists and amateurs and markets them to the mainstream media.

And why are they doing this? Mainly for us. The shocking reduction in generation of 'news' that is currently underway puts us, the readers, in a situation where we know less and less about what is really going on. Today there are only 4 US newspapers with a foreign desk. Even AP and Reuters fail to cover 40% of the world with a single staff member. Publishers are cutting journalism costs to fight the fall in ad revenue, and rely more on newswires for content. This means the available sources of news are being reduced, and ultimately it is us who will suffer.

Demotix believes it can change this. They believe that together we can build news communities and source stories and news from every corner of the globe. We can change the way news is gathered, and we can change what's on the front pages of every newspaper and broadcast worldwide.

The quality of the photos and honesty behind the stories is extraordinary. Have a look for yourself at and learn a bit more about their vision and philosophy at

And if you want to know more about the Gandi Supports projects, then take a look at our site and see what else we're up to. Maybe we can help you too! (though do look at our 'search criteria' we're not a VC fund ;-)

Gandi has arrived in the UK!

The Gandi UK team has opened the doors to business! Jolly good show. The first thing you'll notice is the new 'US flag' on the gandi website (I thought Gandi UK was launching?!?). Well that's because the Union Jack (or is it the Union Flag?) now points to the UK English version of the Gandi site and the proud Stars and Stripes points to the international English version. Why not take a look.

But what does it all mean to me? Well here's a summary for you.