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Let's (eu) dot the i's.

Simple but important fact in the present context concerning our success rate of .eu domain name registrations made since the 7th of April.

This is not some kind of marketing statement (as we often see) and to tell you the truth I did not mean to write on it, the "we are the best" spirit is definitely not Gandi's.

Actuallly, our support team asked me to deliver this information because they are the ones dealing with the clients who unfortunately do not belong to the majority now owner of a .eu domain name. And believe me, we do understand how frustrated these clients must be so it seemed important to us to give everyone a global vision of the situation (by the way, we were definitely ready at 11:00 am on the 7th of April, so if the .eu box was still grayed out on your computer, maybe your browser just needed refreshing...)

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