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Time lags on Gandi Mail yesterday, explanations

We wish to express our sincerest apologies for the quality of our Gandi Mail service yesterday, Monday 3 March 2008. Some of you unfortunately received mail with more than 3 hours' delay, which is simply unacceptable.

The problem is mainly due to an abnormally significant load on our mail servers. On 'normal' days, we already manage more than 10 million e-mails (80% or 90% being spam). Delivering top-quality service is an every day struggle which should be made transparent to you. Yesterday was clearly a failure. We could have silenced it and looked the other way, but that doesn't correspond to our aims and to who we are. As always, we prefer to be totally transparent, to confirm that the problem has been identified and that we are working on it fully.

Our platform will therefore be modified in upcoming weeks to give you more comfort in your mail management. Until then - and starting from now - we are going to add machines and change some settings so as to ensure less delays when we experience spamming of several hundreds of thousands of e-mails.

Finally, just a word of advice for those of you who are still on the old mail platform and the old DNS ( or I strongly recommend that you migrate to the new DNS and to Gandi Mail, which globally works better. To do so, all you need to do is click the 'Manage' link in the mail section of your domain management interface and follow the procedure.

As explained, maintaining an excellent quality of products and services is a priority, and this is adequately reflected in our timetable.

Gandi Mail Launch!

Following a beta test phase, we are very proud to announce the official release of Gandi Mail. More than 6,000 persons have assisted us in the testing of this new product.

Several improvements accompany this launch :
  • Included in the purchase of your domain name, you now have 5 email addresses with 1GB of disk space divided as you wish amongst your different accounts.
  • You can also now subscribe to Gandi Mail Pack which allows you to create up to 1,000 email accounts in connection with your domain. Pack rates start at €1 (VAT excluded). Payment is based upon the amount of disk space desired. No minimum engagement is required - you can cancel at any time, and be refunded for the time not used!
  • new functions that will be available with the pack:
    • the auto reply function: you have the possibility of having an automatic reply when you are gone
    • the 'like' alias: a system that is unique to Gandi. This allows you to create dynamic aliases for your e-mail mailbox (for example, an alias 'begin with jo' will allow you to receive e-mails at jo@domain, jojo@domain, jonathan@domain, johnny.boy@domain, etc.)
  • The installation of a sieve on the platform will allow us, in the coming weeks, to add the following functions:
    • the possibility of changing one's password by webmail
    • the possibility of managing the level of antispam of your e-mail
    • the possibility of managing a blacklist/whitelist of e-mail addresses
    • the possibility of managing a blacklist/whitelist of words in e-mails
    • the possibility of excluding certain codes, in order to reduce spam

If you have other ideas/requests concerning the Gandi Mail service, please remember that we are listening to you :)

GandiMail Beta Launch !

We are proud to present GandiMail : a free email service included with each domain name.  Many of you are already familiar with this service.  However, for those of you who have not heard about it, here are the stats :
* one mailbox with 1Go disc space
* 1000 email forwards and unlimited alias mail 
* antispam and antivirus protection
* Gandi WebMail so that you can check your messages from anywhere
* a POP and IMAP account so that you can configure your favorite email software

So, What's up with GandiMail?

Here is some Front Office news :

- We are currently testing both Gandi Mail and Gandi Webmail.

- It is the latter that is giving us more work than anticipated, but the result should be worth the wait - especially in terms of ergonomics (kind of important for web mail!^^),

- The beta release is planned for next week if all goes according to plan. In any event, we know that we are going to have to face your judgement someday. :x

- Until then, we will provide those willing with links to assist us in our testing. (many thanks to those who already participate).

Keep in mind that Gandi Mail and our WebMail will be released in beta. This means that they will be launched for everyone but with there will be a follow-up as always taking into account your opinions and tips. (Unfortunately, we cannot exclude the possibility of bugs...)

More news on this topic will be announced very soon. We are very proud of the hard work that our team has put into this release and we greatly appreciate your patience. It will be compensated! ;D