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July 2014 Newsletter: Gandi in Asia, Simple Hosting freebies and refreshing summer promos!

It's July, and as part of our war on sunburns, we feel it's our duty to give you some reasons to spend some time indoors. Remember that the soft glow of your computer monitor won't cause any forms of cancer we're aware of, whereas the sun is totally trying to kill you. A little climate control never hurt anybody! Statistically, you're 78% less likely to be eaten by a carcajou if you stay inside, preferably near a device that would allow you to register domain names (should you be so inclined). And that's a fact[1]. We commissioned a study[2].

Gandi rolls out new cloud billing platform

It has been a few weeks since we first started talking about a new way to bill for cloud computing services, and our technical teams have been hard at work to make the changes needed to give our customers a smoother, more flexible way to pay for compute power online. Not to mention less expensive: the vast majority of our customers will pay less under the new scheme, since instead of reserving shares ahead of time, you reconfigure whenever and pay by the hour for what you actually use.

Your first monthly share 100% refundable! Money back whether you like it or not ;-)

This operation ended on August 24th, 2010 and is no longer in effect.

Note: I am republishing this entry, because of the number of customers that are writing to us to express their surprise at the fact that they are not being charged for the renewal of their first share. As a reminder, your first monthly share is refunded whether you decide to keep it or not. So if you don't keep your share, we'll refund the cost of the first month, but if you do keep it, we'll renew it for the second month for nothing.

To help you test our hosting service without any risk, your first hosting share is 100% refundable! Which means you'll get your money back on your first share whether you stay with our service or not!!

(No, there's no fine print that says that this is only available for the next two days, 4 hours and 24 seconds, and if you have an IP address that ends in 256 and only if you have Hungarian nationality on your mothers' side and Finnish on your fathers... it really is for everyone ;-) )

Hosting improvements - more, more, more

So here we are, proud parents of the Gandi hosting infrastructure. Our little baby has now been live (or alive) for 4 months now since the full launch on 1st Oct. Like any new parent everything is possible for our hosting baby, and the future is really exciting. But also like any new parent, there is lots to learn and always things to be done.