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Gandi hosting, no longer quite so beta...

We have grown, and we have burned
We have worked and we have learned
And now our new service is ready to
Present as a final gift to you!

Granted, I was not hired to be a poet. Still, my heart is lifted at the very thought of how much progress our superb team of developers has made!

And all this just to bring you up-to-date on the latest developments in our hosting offer!

Gandi Hosting in public beta is open!

Here we are: the moment that many of you have been waiting for, for days, weeks, or even months. Personally, I have been looking for to this for several years now, but then again I'm an incurable dreamer :D

You will discover a new navigation tab on our website that has been discretely highlighted (don't's our version of publicity) so that you will not overlook it: Gandi hosting has been launched in public beta testing, we trust, to provide you with an even higher level of service.

(6/6) Our hosting will be of high quality

Here we are ... almost at the beginning of the year 2008 and the start of a new hosting adventure for us!

We have come to the end of this long series of teasers that, we hope, kept you waiting in expectation :D

Anyway, at the same time it was important that we hunted down all the bugs on our hosting platform, and so it was not a waste of your time...

(4/6) Our hosting will be innovative

When setting out to create a hosting service in the Gandi spirit, we made a point of doing something innovative.

Having come from our previous experience in the area (we just popularized shared hosting via Multimania roughly 7 years ago), we wanted to build a product that would bring something truly new to the market. To do this, our way of proceeding was to ask ourselves, "what would I like to be able to do with this solution (and adding, 'that I cannot do elsewhere')"?...

(3/6) Our hosting will be for everyone

You only need to glance at our list of customers' domain names to see that Gandi's community is made up of far more than just a group of enlightened technicians.

There are some real neophytes among you and we are proud of it - as much as we are of having the more experienced people as well! :D
Remember that our mission is to share the internet with the largest number of people possible, and to make it accessible to all. Not just in terms of quantity, but with an emphasis on quality, a quality that is designed to be felt by all of you who want your presence to be felt on the internet, no matter what your level of experience with the web may be.

We wanted the same thing to hold true for our web hosting service: to allow everyone to step foot on our boat and to take control of it in a way that best suits them.

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