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Newsletter September 2015: new node.js functionality, .sex at Gandi, and lots of promos..

It's getting to be the end of the summer season, but just as Dylan Thomas said, we are not going gently into this good night (of fall). Here at Gandi, we are determined to get the most out of the last vestiges of summer. That's why we are launching a huge, huge, HUGE number of promos this month. It's incredible, dear customers, just how many deals we have running. We almost don't know where to begin!

As great as these promos are, of course they are pretty easy for us to do, as an administrative task. Our tech team is not to be outdone, however, and you will see we are launching a lot of new gTLDs this month as well, including .sex, brought to you by the same registry as .xxx, .porn, and .adult. It's in Sunrise this month, and won't be generally  available until November 4, so don't get too excited just yet. Still,  for those of you with brands to protect, now would be a good time to  contact our Corporate Services team to get your trademarks registered  in these potentially controversial, sensitive, and if not damaging then  at least potentially confusing TLDs.

Just in time for those end-of-summer sales on sporting goods, we are seeing .SKI going live, and on the West Coast .TECH is having a party! We are hosting, and you, friends, are invited. If you aren't able to come, well, watch for a .TECH promo for programmers week coming up. Did we mention there are a huge amount of promos this month? We did...

We are also upgrading all the things... This month we are settling in to  a new version of Gandi Site, and offering a month of the new version  for just $1 - a great way to try it out!

If you are the kind of person who likes to meet your business partners face-to-face, we are going to be at Strange Loop in St. Louis, and of course we will be getting to more meetings in the fall conference season.

We also have a special place in our hearts this month for the Open Source Initiative (OSI), who just migrated to Gandi for hosting their  open source advocacy sites. Go OSI!

Newsletter January 2015: NamesCon, a smarter domain search, and loads of new gTLDs

Gandi would like to wish all of you a happy new year, with best wishes and many thanks to all of you for being our customer. 2014 was a phenomenal year for us, and we finished it off by sending the donations from our December campaign with .xyz to Creative Commons, FreeBSD and Fight for the Future.

In 2015, we will be here to help you in your online endeavors, whether it's growing your online business, updating your blog, renewing your domains or deploying your web app. And to help you navigate the seas of new gTLDs, we are rolling out a new TLD suggestion engine--see below for details. You will also find our provisional January gTLD release calandar, advice on the price of .NET, and our promos for the year (there are some great ones!

Newsletter November 2014

It was an interesting month, with a .XYZ promo for only $4, and a .CLUB promo for $6.50. While the .CLUB domain is back up to normal for the moment, don't count them out! We are cooking up some interesting things for that TLD. And .XYZ, who will not hesitate to dress in purple and dance to get you to dream up a great domain with their extension, have gone and created a very Gandi-like promo for you: they will donate $0.50 for each domain sold in the month of November to the EFF. And nobody puts Gandi in the corner, so we're matching.

Our friends at Uniregistry are getting promos set up for .BLACKFRIDAY. Keep your eyes open for this one, all you e-commerce people. We'll send smoke signals when it's ready (and maybe also post on our news feed).

This month, Simple hosting instances will be upgraded to PHP 5.4, and we are making changes to the Gandi CLI approximately every 5 minutes. Thanks to those of you who have contributed so far!

April newsletter: Security, 1.5 million domains, new gTLD calendar and more

Last month, we reached a new milestone: 1.5 million domain names registered at Gandi. Can you imagine? If you wrote each domain name on an elephant and stacked the elephants on top of each other, you could reach the moon!*

That number has been on the rise for 14 years straight, and there are no signs of it slowing down anytime soon, especially with all the new gTLDs coming out. Below, you'll find a calendar of this month's new extensions.

The .CO registry has a great deal during April and May, and new .CO registrations are 75% this week only.

It has been a very busy last few weeks in terms of security. You'll find the details below.

Finally, we'll summarize the current promotions available at Gandi.

New extensions on the way!

Unless you have spent the last year studiously avoiding Domain Name news, you probably know that there is something happening at ICANN this year. Yes, that's right, ICANN has authorized the creation of nearly 2,000 new top-level extensions over the next 3 years. That's a big number! Probably more than you will want to register. While this flood of new possibilities is exciting, and we do hope that it enables a lot of creative activity, we expect the new extensions to be seriously underutilized, for the most part.

.PRO Launch at 6PM (CEST)

Following the pre-registration period in August where domains were offered at "preferential" rates, and the stand-by period last week, the full launch of the .PRO gtld finally starts today, September 8th, at 4 pm GMT.

The TLD will be sold for 16€/$24/£12 excl. VAT as an A rate. The full Gandi price grid is available here:

.PRO domain names cannot be registered by private individuals without an accredited professional qualification. The registrant must be a qualified professional licensed by the appropriate government body.

Registrations are on a "first-come first-served" basis starting at 4pm onwards. However, you can place your order now, which will then enter the queue at 4pm.

As the registry's search interface is not yet available for us to use, please check the domain's availability first yourself, as it will prevent you from placing an invalid order.

To do so, please use the .PRO Registry's Whois search engine, which you can find in the top right corner of their homepage :

If you have pre-registered your domain during August, it should be activated today at 7 pm UTC (9 pm CEST).

.PRO Pre-reservations

The .PRO registry will open a pre-reservation system for companies on July 21st, 2008, at 4:00 PM GMT , before the general opening next September 8, 2008.

There will be no auction process : we will simply apply the usual "first-come first-served" rule. Please note that domain names thus pre-reserved, will become available only from September 8th on. Also, a "Premium" will need to be paid in order to benefit from this pre-registration.

This Gtld is quite expensive due to the fact that it is sold with an SSL Certificate (non separable). In this light, we only recommend the reservation for customers who wish to protect sensitive trademarks.

The Registry has already informed us that during the launch phase (on September 8, 2008), registrants will benefit from a special 75% discount on .PRO registrations for the first year. We therefore recommend to professional customers who are not in a hurry, that they only place their order after September 8, 2008, as this discount will be applied to our rates.

As a reminder, .PRO domain names are not registrable by private persons.

.ASIA Launch

The .ASIA TLD will be launched today at 1pm, French time. Gandi, who did not participate in the Sunrise phases for reasons explained in this post, has been .ASIA-accredited since the end of last year.

The .ASIA for all!
The TLD is normally reserved for individuals and corporate bodies who can justify a contact in the Asia geographic zone (from Turkey to the Pacific). This contact (CED) can be one of the 4 contacts linked to your domain (Owner, Admin, Billing or Technical), and you will then need to provide identification information for this person (passport number) or body (company number). Important point: if you cannot justify a CED contact yourself, Gandi, who possesses an Australian subsidiary, will be able to assume a technical contact position with the Registry for no extra charge.

Now accepting orders
As always, we do not like pre-booking systems by which companies promise that you will definitely get the domain you want by paying more money, and therefore we did not participate in the auctioning system or in any anticipated booking.
You can start placing your orders right away, bearing in mind you will need to manually check whether the domain was reserved during the Sunrise period. If your order fails, we will of course reimburse you fully.

The TLDs specificities are available here:

The TLD is sold for $25.00 excl VAT as an A rate. The full grid is available here:

.mobi Release!

Following the release of .re domains in July, we are pleased to announce the possibility of buying and managing .mobi domains. Gandi has been an accredited mTLD registrar since April 2007.

The .mobi tld is a generic extension for mobile platforms. There are no registration restrictions.

The details of this extension are available at :
The rate list can be found at :

There are many more extensions in preparation that will be released by the end of the year.