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April newsletter: Security, 1.5 million domains, new gTLD calendar and more

Last month, we reached a new milestone: 1.5 million domain names registered at Gandi. Can you imagine? If you wrote each domain name on an elephant and stacked the elephants on top of each other, you could reach the moon!*

That number has been on the rise for 14 years straight, and there are no signs of it slowing down anytime soon, especially with all the new gTLDs coming out. Below, you'll find a calendar of this month's new extensions.

The .CO registry has a great deal during April and May, and new .CO registrations are 75% this week only.

It has been a very busy last few weeks in terms of security. You'll find the details below.

Finally, we'll summarize the current promotions available at Gandi.

Gandi's New SSL Certificate Features

Are you familiar with Gandi's SSL Certificates? We offer them for a single address, or wildcard (multiple addresses) in three types, and they can be used on domains at Gandi, or our hosted systems. Now, though, we offer them for anyone who has a domain, with Gandi or not! comments on gandi's removal of SSL certificate for ( ) last night published an article describing how had enforced its policies by removing a certificate for a domain name that had infringed on our terms and conditions in a number of ways. According to the article the known ‘hacker’ who admitted to falsifying his whois information on the registration was surprised that the certificate was removed.

One domain name, one certificate

Since trust is the basis of all relationships, and since Gandi has been working each and every day for nearly ten years to earn yours, we have the pleasure of announcing a new and important step: as of today, Gandi is a Certification Authority.

The principle is simple: you visit a website, and in the address bar of your web browser, you see a little padlock or a green color (or colour ;-) ) that means, "go ahead, you are on a secure website".

Gandi, true to its core value of "Internet For All", wants to provide this technology to as many people as possible so that they can establish a real and secure online presence. As part of this mission, Gandi will now include a 1 year certificate for free, with each domain name that is registered, transferred or renewed at Gandi.

When you confide your company name, your trademark, your shop, your domain names to us to manage, trust is hugely important.

It is also important when you extend that trust to a company that hosts your resources, a company that allows you to be online and to own a little piece of the web.

Visitors to your site will have that same need for trust and security when they decide to visit your website, whether to order products, services, or just to contact you.

For these everyday choices internet certificates are there to reassure your customers, and to guide them towards those sites that have chosen to have a more "professional" presence.

Gandi, by the quality of its services and products, is a world-renowned domain name registrar and web host that benefits from a capital of confidence that many envy. It was therefore logical (and requested by many of our customers) that we provide these internet certificates.

For those that would like to go further, an entire range of services will be made available on our website, to meet the needs of our varying customers: individuals, SME, corporate customers, institutions, or resellers, everyone may find a plan that will meet their specific needs.

Have a look at our full offer at